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Meet Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr.

Ever wonder who is bankrolling the furor over gay bishops in the Anglican Church? Meet Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr., Newport Beach recluse. Among his greatest hits: funding articles that argue gays should be stoned, and a video by Charlton Heston praising the "God-fearing Caucasian middle-class."
posted by MikeB on Oct 17, 2003 - 14 comments

the choice of dr rowan williams as the new archbishop of canterbury is inspired and his acceptence speech filled me with hope. so, i am hoping that the new archbish will bring some sense of moral guidance to the country and remind us of what the church is for. the guardian has an illuminating introduction to the man and his beliefs: the head of the anglican church in his own words has extracts from his many books. here is a short quote from Writing in the Dust: reflections on 11th september: "Last words. We have had the chance to read the messages sent by passengers on the planes to their spouses and families in the desperate last minutes; and we have seen the spiritual advice apparently given to the terrorists by one of their number, the thoughts that should have been in their minds as they approached their death they had chosen (for themselves and for others). Something of the chill of 11 September lies in the contrast. The religious words are, in the cold light of day, the words that murderers are saying to themselves to make a martyr's drama out of a crime. The non-religious words are testimony to what religious language is supposed to be about - the triumph of pointless, gratuitous love, the affirming of faithfulness even when there is nothing to be done or salvaged." there is a larger extract online: part one and part two
posted by quarsan on Jul 25, 2002 - 6 comments

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