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"They may be individuals who may be hunting illegal border crossers. That's really a big concern for us,"

Eleven weeks after Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was found murdered near the U.S.-Mexico border, a group of illegal entrants have reported to police that they were shot at by two men in camouflage with high powered rifles near Rio Rico, Arizona. [more inside]
posted by nestor_makhno on Jun 15, 2010 - 66 comments

Stay Classy, Arizona

"The laws are intended to make people fearful," Pearce said. The Arizona Senate passed SB 1097 (PDF) on Monday which, if signed by the governor, will require school districts to collect information on how many of its students are in the country illegally and report this information to the governor. This bill is seen by some as a first step in challenging Plyer v. Doe.
posted by nestor_makhno on Mar 30, 2010 - 57 comments

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