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Rise of the Aspies

Is Everyone on the Spectrum? "In the nineties, clinicians began reconceptualizing autism from a singular disorder to a cluster of related conditions on a spectrum of severity; as the criteria broadened to encompass less acutely impaired people—such as the more verbal group diagnosed with Asperger’s—prevalence rose dramatically. Before 1980, one in 2,000 children was thought to be autistic. By 2007, the Centers for Disease Control were reporting that one in 152 American children had an autism-spectrum disorder. Two years later, the CDC updated the ratio to one in 110. This past March, the CDC revised the number upward again, to one in 88 (one in 54, if you just count boys, who are five times as likely to have one as girls). A South Korean study from last year put the number even higher, at one in 38. And in New Jersey, according to the latest numbers, an improbable one in 29 boys is on the spectrum."
posted by bookman117 on Nov 8, 2012 - 66 comments

Rules never stop coming at you, they just get infinitely more nuanced.

You think it would be really fun to have sex with me. Because, I think you can tell from my posts, I’ll do anything. But maybe you can also tell from my posts that it’s a little bit weird. Because you know that I’ll say anything, too, but sometimes, I make you cringe.

I think I’m that way in bed, too.

What it's like to have sex with someone with Asperger's.
posted by shakespeherian on Nov 19, 2010 - 106 comments

Exploring autism and technology

Autism is growing, especially in the Silicon Valley. We’ve talked of this twice before, but what are we missing about the connection between autism, geekhood, and the Silicon Valley? Let’s talk about this more [inside].
posted by Milkman Dan on Aug 13, 2006 - 80 comments

George Widener, Savant artist

30 years of Sundays in the 23rd century. Magic Time Square of all Fridays. Magic Square portrait of Queen Victoria. A few pieces from the web site of Savant artist George Widener, whose extraordinary memory, drawing skill and calendar calculating abilities have "only recently come to public notice." Found via Dr. Darold Treffert's fascinating Savant Syndrome site, with tons of info that raises compelling questions. [previous Savant-related MeFi threads]
posted by mediareport on Mar 14, 2005 - 3 comments

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