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The Jack Kirby Of Porn: Celebrating The Happy Hunks Of Tom Of Finland

ComicsAlliance explores the work and legacy of Tom of Finland (mostly SFW), the legendary homoerotic artist whose work is now available in a limited edition stamp set
posted by Think_Long on Sep 18, 2014 - 46 comments

Ooh, pick me up.

The New York City Taxi Drivers 2014 Calendar (via New York Magazine) [more inside]
posted by facehugger on Dec 10, 2013 - 3 comments

"consider your characters conditions"

Let's Draw Abs!, a DeviantArt tutorial, by Coelasquid, of The Punchline Is Machismo (prev.) [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns on Nov 18, 2013 - 18 comments

Women are more likely to watch a video with a hot guy in it

Rethink Breast Cancer has released Your Man Reminder, a smartphone app that reminds the user to give her breasts some TLC. And that reminder is brought by hot, shirtless man-candy.
posted by Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey on Oct 25, 2011 - 49 comments

I hope they don't cook bacon

Cooking With Beefcake was a VHS cooking show about cooking near naked men. (Warning: Contains butts, feathered hair) (via)
posted by The Whelk on Jun 26, 2011 - 38 comments

Burger Flippin' Blues?

He's no Trent Reznor or Radiohead, but Volker Kahl is pushing from the bottom of the sales charts, making his post-Beefcake work (under the nom-de-sampler Kattoo) available online. [more inside]
posted by ChrisR on Jul 7, 2010 - 53 comments

Beefcake wardrobe malfunctions by Paul Richmond

Whoopsy! Beefcake wardrobe malfunctions! Columbus, Ohio artist Paul “Paulypants” Richmond paints lovingly detailed and luminous and saucy portraits of gay demicelebrities with their britches falling apart or otherwise depantsed or underclothed. As Richmond describes it with the juice and vim of a ’50s tattler magazine, “It intrigues me that it was almost exclusively women who were depicted as hapless victims of comical wardrobe malfuncions in early pin-up art. Those ladies couldn't even walk down the street without their skirts blowing up or their underwear falling down (or both!)” [more inside]
posted by joeclark on May 24, 2010 - 29 comments

It would be a grave mistake not to buy this calendar.

Men of Mortuaries: Because nothing is hotter than a man who handles corpses. See the local news story (wmv) and some promotion pics (both nsfw). Finally, I've found something to replace my Studmuffins of Science.
posted by Gamblor on Aug 2, 2006 - 11 comments

28 inch biceps go pop

What happens when you build your biceps up to 28 inches? Greg Valentino, the "most hated man in bodybuilding" could curl 300 pounds. Then his biceps popped (youtube). Another interview with the good Mr. Valentino.
posted by Rumple on May 28, 2006 - 78 comments

hefty helping of hip-hop moves

When beefcake and robots collide. (QT clips, NSFW)
posted by madamjujujive on May 25, 2005 - 25 comments

Girlzone Naughty Stuff

Tickling the ivories - uh-oh, bad girl post! This mpg video clip is just too darn fun not to share, but it is definitely nsfw, which is why I am posting it pre-Friday. But hear me, you will get fired if you open this at work! I mean it! just doing my bit to dispel the boyzone myth
posted by madamjujujive on Jan 23, 2003 - 65 comments

Straight from the "Life Imitates Art" file, you're never too old to have a good time.
posted by donkeysuck on Jul 9, 2001 - 4 comments

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