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Guinness Advertisements

Guinness is Good for You: Find the poster of your birth year; of the year you had your first glass of Guinness; of the year you swore off the stuff. Try to find a way to link to one of them. Despair. Pour another pint. It's all good. [Flash req. "Argentina 1952" works for the login.]
posted by Carlos Quevedo on May 5, 2003 - 22 comments

Beer in US and UK

Is Bottled Beer Taking Over The World? This Oxford-based search machine has got to be the most international and complete on the web. But only a few years ago, in most styles of beer, it was considered a poor alternative to draught and cask-conditioned ales. Now it looks like globalization and the boho culture are bringing the bottle (and the can) back. Or perhaps there's not that much of a difference? It's only beer, after all. [Sunday flash supplement: Al Yankovic's beer song and something called "Titties and Beer".]
posted by Carlos Quevedo on Nov 17, 2002 - 30 comments

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