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Jobst Brandt, 1935–2015

RIP, Jobst Brandt. Brandt established a reputation among cyclists first with his book The Bicycle Wheel, later with his promotion of slick-treaded clincher tires for road bikes, and finally with his presence on Usenet, where he and Sheldon Brown (RIP) were the Pillars of Hercules of technical knowledge about bikes, with Brown on the east coast and Brandt on the west, Brown with his jovial personality, and Brandt with what can euphemistically be described as an insistence on intellectual rigor.
posted by adamrice on Jun 22, 2015 - 25 comments

Alex Moulton, RIP

Alex Moulton RIP. For decades, Moulton Bicycles has manufactured an innovative space-frame bike of his design that the man described as "not a quadrilateral bit of piping"—his bikes are instantly recognizable for their small wheels, suspension, and a take-apart trusswork of small-diameter tubes. Although expensive and not very common, they are iconic among bike aficionados, and have inspired at least one competitor, Kimori of Japan, where his bikes have a devoted following. [more inside]
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NAHBS 2010

In a world where almost all production bikes are made competently and inexpensively in a handful of factories in China and Taiwan, what place is there for the traditional craftsman? The recently concluded North American Handmade Bicycle Show answers that question, with meticulous lugwork, bikes made of bamboo and wood (or just fake woodgrain), unusual designs, (sometimes both unusual designs and bamboo together) and flat-out whimsy. Even accessories received indulgent attention.
posted by adamrice on Mar 3, 2010 - 32 comments

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