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Songs for the Dumped

If there is Guilty Pleasure, this is Guilty Pain. Dylan admits he’s very self-conscious to find emotional refuge in music that “isn’t even good.” It’s embarrassing to admit that during messy, adult heartbreak we often regress back to adolescence, to the same exact tools (even down to the 9-minute Something Corporate song) that helped us get through it the first time.
--When we are heartbroken, why do we turn to the music we loved as teens?
posted by almostmanda on Apr 28, 2015 - 39 comments

the law of "fuck yes or no"

"Fuck Yes!" or No - "Think about this for a moment: Why would you ever choose to be with someone who is not excited to be with you?"
(Fuck Yes, No Less - "How many of us have been taught to let persuasion and doubt override our instincts? How many of us have been taught to live in the grey?") [more inside]
posted by flex on Nov 9, 2014 - 58 comments

occasionally, she wears flannel.

when my boyfriend proposed, I cried — more like panic tears. but I wasn't certain I should end it — until I met her
posted by yeoz on Aug 18, 2014 - 115 comments

There is a light that never goes out

Comic artist Lucy Knisley (prev., prev.) is often asked if there's anything in her life that she won't make comics about. [more inside]
posted by cairdeas on Aug 24, 2013 - 38 comments

What if Disney Princes were in a Boy Band?

What if Disney Princes were in a Boy Band? Appearances by: Ariel and Eric; Beauty and Beast; Cinderella and Prince Charming; Jasmine and Aladdin; Mulan and Li Shang
posted by zizzle on Jul 8, 2013 - 11 comments

The Helen One Hundred

Ageing poseur with unhealthy interest in spanking and the works of Jean Baudrillard seeks recently bathed human. Australian radio presenter, writer and professional curmudgeon Helen Razer writes about her recent break-up and announces an experiment.
posted by hot soup girl on Feb 28, 2013 - 64 comments

One Day This Chalk Outline Will Circle This City

The Mars Volta is no more, lead singer and self-described 'Latin Danzig' Cedric Bixler-Zavala announced on twitter early this morning. Not coincidentally, this came on the heels of bandmate Omar Rodríguez-López' new band, Bosnian Rainbows, releasing the first track from their upcoming album on soundcloud: Torn Maps. [more inside]
posted by mannequito on Jan 24, 2013 - 24 comments

It's a Samoan Thing. You Wouldn't Understand.

Ilana Gershon is a professor currently researching how people use the Internet to break up with their romantic partners, but before that she wrote an anthropological study about "strategic ignorance" in Samoan immigrant communities, all of which is just a complicated way of showing that she's the most unusually qualified person on the Internet to comment on the Manti Te'o hoax. (previously)
posted by jonp72 on Jan 23, 2013 - 51 comments

I will do everything in my power to help him through the transition process

"We discussed the danger of partisan division, and the need for us, all of us, to come together and find common ground after a very rough and divisive couple of weeks. ... It is no secret that Brad and I had two very different visions for you and whom you date. Tonight, you have spoken, and Brad has prevailed." --- The American People Have Spoken About Our Relationship
posted by New Frontier on Nov 7, 2012 - 19 comments

Strangers, Again

Strangers, Again, a short film by Wong Fu Productions, takes viewers on an introspective journey through the stages of a romantic relationship. (Previous Wong Fu Production films on Metafilter)
posted by SkylitDrawl on Apr 26, 2011 - 2 comments

John Doe, 29, and Jane Smith, same, are pleased to announce that they are SO TOTALLY OVER!

Tired of engagement news? Break Up News is the place to get the skinny on recently ruptured romances or to announce to the world that you're back in the game. And, if you are, (or have other untraditional news you want to share,) consider Other Announcements, which offers greeting cards for calling off your engagement or wedding, moving in together, getting divorced, coming out, and getting your boobs done. (Though not all at the same time.)
posted by onlyconnect on Jul 30, 2004 - 2 comments

50 Ways

Break up stories. NYC blogger smitten shares her friend's break-up-by-text-message story and invites readers to post their own. Resulting tales of woe (and some that aren't) include: (1) a "Dear John" e-mail; (2) he dedicates Robert Palmer's classic "I didn't mean to turn you on" to you; (3) his mother calls to say happy birthday and btw her son is having an affair; (4) you find out he has a fiance when she calls to ask who you are; (5) you break up right after sex while everyone's still naked. Maybe there should be a Strunk and White "Elements of Style" resource for break up protocol.
posted by onlyconnect on Jun 3, 2004 - 34 comments

149 ways to leave your lover:

149 ways to leave your lover: Hell Hath No Fury is a collection of women's breakup letters. (A few excerpts here.) Great premise for a book, but good breakup letters are very rare. Rather than embarrass yourself when dumping your not-so-significant-other, perhaps you should just fork over $149 and have a reverse-Cyrano write one for you.
posted by ptermit on Nov 13, 2002 - 10 comments

Breakup businesses in Japan

Breakup businesses in Japan I wouldn't be surprised is this became a television show in Japan. Best line: "Men can always be seduced if the woman operative is reasonably good-looking," says Hiwatashi. "That's an absolute. Men are basically simpletons."
posted by zinegurl on Jan 10, 2002 - 9 comments

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