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IMStalking is a site that syndicates the instant messenger away messages of its participants for no particular reason. It's amazing what unemployed cartoon addicts will do to fill their time.
posted by endquote on May 30, 2003 - 5 comments

Interesting sellout. About.com has changed the "o" in their name to a Life Saver throughout the site. That's some desperate advertising.
posted by endquote on Aug 3, 2001 - 37 comments

The first site to use the "SuperMedia" technology from Rail is up. The new Groovetech.
posted by endquote on Nov 8, 2000 - 20 comments

Would you pay to have your picture taken while drunk, high, and badly lit, and then posted on the Web with the witty phrase of your choice? Apparently lots of people would, and it sure is amusing to see.
posted by endquote on Aug 2, 2000 - 0 comments

Mister Lance adds a bunch more words into the Napster debate. "Napster bad," he says, for the most part. But the opinions are thought-out and justified.
posted by endquote on Jul 30, 2000 - 25 comments

Like the X-Men movie? If so, it looks like you can buy a whole lot of the props and stuff from it. Kind of an interesting thing for the studio to be doing directly.
posted by endquote on Jul 22, 2000 - 1 comment

I knew this had to happen eventually. Someone finally developed a digital camera in the form factor of a roll of 35mm film. That means you can just pop it in your regular ol' film camera, and boom, it's digital.
posted by endquote on Jun 8, 2000 - 5 comments

"The ROMP is a freewheeling entertainment destination cut from the unruliness and irreverence of the Internet. Our no holds barred animations, videos, and games give voice to a new generation of artists both inside and outside Hollywood. The ROMP allows users to set the limits, break them, and get a good laugh out of it. But don't take our word for it." (i.e., they have a game where the object is to get laid.)
posted by endquote on May 20, 2000 - 2 comments

The official site for Clerks - The Cartoon has probably been up for a while, but I never saw it. There are some other details on the View Askew site as well.
posted by endquote on May 14, 2000 - 1 comment

$50 dollars a year for a Web appliance and unlimited access. After three years, it's free. The only catch I can find is that if you cancel before three years, you have to pay a bazillion dollars. So who's going to make the Virginconnect into a cheap Linux box?
posted by endquote on May 14, 2000 - 7 comments

Is this photo worth a million dollars?
posted by endquote on May 13, 2000 - 8 comments

Farstar International is probably one of the best examples of bad Wed design ever, but obviously that's not the guy's bag. Apparently his bag is collecting really awesome pictures of galaxies and stars and other such spacey things. The shots aren't big enough for wallpapering, but might be neat source material for designy people. (The link isn't showing up in the preview, but here it is: http://www.cliffr.com/galaxies/banner.htm)
posted by endquote on May 13, 2000 - 9 comments

Diamond Rio, or Diamond Rio. The choice is yours. [from jose]
posted by endquote on May 10, 2000 - 3 comments

Does this seem like a bad idea to anyone else?
posted by endquote on May 7, 2000 - 10 comments

The new Clearly Canadian bottles are really pretty. The site is nice, too. But why does the URL on the bottle point to clearly.ca, which isn't nearly as cool?
posted by endquote on May 2, 2000 - 14 comments

How about everyone just lighten up, and write a caption for this photo instead of contemplating the implications of a media-saturated society (via silverblog).
posted by endquote on Apr 22, 2000 - 3 comments

Haven't really tried it yet, but RedGorilla sounds like a badly-named but useful tool for people who need to track their hours so they can accurately bill clients.
posted by endquote on Apr 16, 2000 - 3 comments

Don't make me pull out a can of Whoopass on your, um, ass.
posted by endquote on Apr 10, 2000 - 6 comments

"It is already possible for an assassin to send someone an e-mail with an innocent-looking attachment connected to it. When the receiver downloads the attachment, the electrical current and molecular structure of the central processing unit is altered, causing it to blast apart like a large hand grenade."
posted by endquote on Apr 4, 2000 - 9 comments

It looks like the Microsoft vs. DOJ case might be worth paying attention to again, as their settlement talks have ended. "After more than four months, it is apparent that the disagreements among the parties . . . are too deep-seated to be bridged," said mediator, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Posner. U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will probably issue a verdict any day now.
posted by endquote on Apr 2, 2000 - 0 comments

Maybe I should learn VB or whatever's required to make a browser widget that blinks whenever I'm at a site owned by AOL/TimeWarner. There are tons of them, and I bet the thing would be blinking all the time, what with all the wholly owned subsidiaries of this and that. Of course, it would be built on an open architecture, so we could add Microsoft (where's their list?), and anyone else that needs watching.
posted by endquote on Mar 24, 2000 - 0 comments

Man there's a lotta links today. I'd like to add one, and continue the profanity thing. Everyone say "fuck" one more time. And now, "ass." That's also a good word. Both are used liberally at BlowTheDotOutYourAss.com, which appears to be some kind of guerrilla advertising group, similar to that whole Andre thing. They provide templates for printing out stickers that say things like ButIdon'tNeedMyToothpastDelivered.com, and IJustHadARectalExamOnline.com. Good fun for the whole family.
posted by endquote on Mar 23, 2000 - 3 comments

Webloggers, fuck you.
posted by endquote on Mar 20, 2000 - 17 comments

Rave culture is a strange thing,

Rave culture is a strange thing, but the Lingua Ravia will tell you the difference between a hoochie and a twinkie. Unless, of course, all you want to know about is drugs. The site is filled with sarcastic definitions of commonly used terms in the scene. It's funny if you know what he's talking about, and educational if you don't.
posted by endquote on Jan 25, 2000 - 0 comments

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