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Australia plans to release a strain of herpes that targets invasive carp into the Murray River. "Suddenly, there will be literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tonnes of carp that will be dead in the River Murray."
This can't possibly go wrong, amirite?
posted by yeahlikethat on May 4, 2016 - 59 comments

Carp, Congressman, is the main ingredient

The story behind the funniest e-mail Hillary Clinton has ever sent. Subject line: Gefilte fish.
posted by Mchelly on Sep 1, 2015 - 60 comments

Science Journalism Award winners

2013 Science Journalism Award winners from the American Association for the Advancement of Science: [via Romenesko] [more inside]
posted by mediareport on Nov 6, 2013 - 4 comments

Carp Wars!

The various subspecies of Asian carp are considered an invasive species in North America, and the governments of the US and Canada are working frantically to keep them from traveling up the Mississippi to the Great Lakes (previously). Unfortunately, they have circumvented sophisticated barriers designed to stop them, and as filter-feeders they are "difficult to catch using normal angling methods". But we're Americans, are we going to take this lying down? The Peoria Carp Hunters answer for us all, with a resounding, bro-ful "Hell, no!" (Warning, loud music.) [more inside]
posted by richyoung on Feb 10, 2012 - 31 comments

No rod and reel needed

Carp Attack! SLYT, 1.13.
posted by bwg on Jul 14, 2011 - 39 comments

End of the line

RIP Benson The Carp, 'the people's fish'... yes, it's the Silly Season again.
posted by fearfulsymmetry on Aug 4, 2009 - 12 comments

Extreme aerial bowfishing!

Extreme aerial bowfishing!
posted by Terminal Verbosity on Aug 14, 2007 - 27 comments

Eating frog legs = cannibalism?

Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog' (BBC) "While it is unclear how this could have happened, the [Iranian] paper carries quotes from medical experts who say there are human characteristics to the animal....Medical history recounts stories of people who believed they had frogs - or even lizards or snakes - living and growing in their bodies....One of the most famous was the 17th Century case of Catharina Geisslerin, known as "the toad-vomiting woman" of Germany. " Could this be connected to that 20 pound carp's apocalyptic warnings spouted in Hebrew, last year, as a fish cutter tried to club it to death with a rubber hammer to make it into gefilte fish? Or, maybe it was those new tomatoes? Or an Old Testament thing, maybe a prophecy?
posted by troutfishing on Jul 1, 2004 - 16 comments

Fish heads, fish heads, Hebrew-talking fish heads...

"According to two fish-cutters at the New Square Fish Market, the carp was about to be slaughtered and made into gefilte fish for Sabbath dinner when it suddenly began shouting apocalyptic warnings in Hebrew."
posted by solistrato on Mar 16, 2003 - 41 comments

Killer Carp Must Die!

Killer Carp Must Die! Biological control of invasive species is one solution, but I prefer to support small business. Forget about avoiding perverse incentives, just consider the aesthetic merits of hats over haemorrhages. Of course even the commercial solution can be ugly.
posted by stinglessbee on Sep 16, 2002 - 4 comments

CARP claims a victim.

CARP claims a victim. KPIG, the first radio station to broadcast on the net says "oink!" and falls silent. One shoe fell on June 20, when the new digital performance royalty rate was established. The other shoe is soon to fall. Internet radio stations now have a whopping bill for retroactive royalties that comes due later this fall. More links: Save Internet Ratio! ... Radio and Internet Newsletter ... more news via Google.
posted by chipr on Jul 22, 2002 - 40 comments


Mayday! Small independent webcasters -- the ones who couldn't come up with the cash to participate in the CARP -- join forces to protest the CARP-imposed sound recording royalties and accompanying intrusive recordkeeping requirements. They urge that you write to your Congresscritter. Will all this grassroots effort really sway the Library of Congress?
posted by IPLawyer on May 1, 2002 - 13 comments

Virtual Carp fishing -

Virtual Carp fishing - Strangely compelling. Wait for the screens to refresh.
posted by kramer_101 on Sep 25, 2001 - 3 comments

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