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A Blaze of Glory

Tornado chaser Tim Samaras, who was the first to get a camera probe inside a tornado, had headed up the TWISTEX experiment, and was featured on the Discovery reality TV series Storm Chasers, was killed Friday, along with his son and chase partner, in an EF-3 tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma. The tornado they had been chasing took a sudden and very sharp turn directly towards their position, and there was not time to outrun it.
posted by smoothvirus on Jun 2, 2013 - 69 comments

Pork Spray! Keep Muslims at Bay!

Should U.S. Muslims Carry a Special ID? Charles Firth of the Australian TV program Chasers War on Everything asks Americans whether Muslims should have to carry special ID cards, have "security numbers" tattooed on them, and be incarcerated for the rest of the war. (previously, previously)
posted by desjardins on Sep 23, 2007 - 68 comments

A Hard Day's Spoof

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash may be the most elaborate parody of the Beatles ever constructed, including satirical tributes to the appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, Yellow Submarine, and the rooftop concert at Apple Records. Check out some other fine parodies who picked up where the Rutles left off: The Mosquitoes on Gilligan's Island, Chris and the Alphabeats on Sesame Street, Letter B and Hey Food by the Beetles, the Be Sharps on the Simpsons, A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead by the Zombeatles, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore's L.S. Bumble Bee, the Powerpuff Girls Meet the Beat Alls (parts 1 and 2 with commentary by Mojo Jojo), Beatles spoofs in a Polish sitcom and a Bollywood musical, Beatallica sings A Garage Dayz Nite, the Chasers' I Am Thesaurus, and the Beatles go bar mitzvah.
posted by jonp72 on Aug 6, 2007 - 45 comments

ExtremeInstability.com discovers YouTube

ExtremeInstability.com discovers YouTube A taste of what you'll find on his awesome (one case where awesome is not a hyperbole) DVDs. Living on the Plains is anything but boring "come spring". Other fun tornado videos: Just about as close as you want to get to a tornado touchdown, DEFINITELY as close as you want to get to a tornado touchdown (wmv), and others: 1, 2 (language warning), 3 (language warning). It is funny to hear the calmer voices of the experienced chaser contrasting with the newbies. Even funnier when the calm chaser gets excited. Season begins in a little over 2 months!
posted by spock on Jan 26, 2007 - 12 comments

War on Everything

The Chasers reveal the irrelevant of many surveillance cameras and the ignorance of many Americans by declaring War on Everything.
posted by augustweed on Jan 19, 2007 - 33 comments

Building A Great DHTML Chaser

Building A Great DHTML Chaser -- by Aaron Boodman. I've built one or two of these - what Aaron calls "Chasers" - you know, the little floating layer that follows you on a web page as you scroll. I was never too thrilled with the outcome for various reasons, but Aaron really put in extra efforts to resolve DHTML animation issues and came up with a fairly slick bit of code. A sample can be seen here. Whether you think they're annoying or useful, the based-on-refresh-rate animation info is still fairly useful.
posted by kokogiak on Sep 21, 2000 - 10 comments

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