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Chuck Lorre is breaking our glasses

"The Big Bang Theory is the worst kind of bully – the one that pretends to be your friend and then takes the piss out of you behind your back. It will take your viewership, it will take your money and it will laugh in your face as it systematically puts you down." The Problem with The Big Bang Theory.
posted by mippy on Jan 9, 2013 - 262 comments

"Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing. He is a non-existent character."

Angus Jones, better known as Jake on the show Two and a Half Men, has joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The young star has released a pair of videos urging people to stop watching the show.
posted by reenum on Nov 26, 2012 - 182 comments

"We spent our sperm money on tandori chicken."

The unaired pilot of The Big Bang Theory has surfaced on YouTube. Coming off like an episode of the series from an alternate universe, this first stab at the show gives us a more inept Leonard, a sexual Sheldon, and two female leads that wouldn't carry over to the finished product: Katie (a wild party girl who makes stupid choices) and Gilda (a fellow nerd who has her analytical eyes on Leonard). [Part 2 | Part 3] [more inside]
posted by Servo5678 on Jun 11, 2010 - 71 comments

Chuck Lorre Productions vanity cards.

Ever wonder what those 2 second screen flashes after a Chuck Lorre Productions TV show are? Well, here you go. Chuck uses the 2 second time allotment to screen his views on - well - everything. Previously - here and here.
posted by torquemaniac on Jun 8, 2009 - 57 comments

Chuck Lorre's TV Journal

Chuck Lorre's TV Journal... Anybody who's ever watched one of my favorite TV shows, Dharma and Greg, has noticed the 2 second "vanity card" that appears after the credits roll (usually where the production company's logo appears). This appears to be the TV equivalent of an online journal, with a mix of insights, personal commentary, and random rambling from the show's executive producer, Chuck Lorre. Some of them are mind-numbing, while others are fairly interesting. Influence of the Web or creative coincidence?
posted by yarf on May 1, 2001 - 9 comments

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