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The Clam That Sank a Thousand Ships

What adorable animal is this? It's a type of clam called a shipworm. One of the most destructive forces in the ocean and scourge of explorers. They eat boats, and apparently taste ok. These infamous clams are invading new areas, buoyed by climate change and the 2011 tsunami in Japan (PDF).
posted by joelf on Dec 7, 2016 - 15 comments

Clam Smackdown

Deceptively simple, but infuriatingly addictive, everyone's playing the hottest game to rocket up the App Store charts: CLAM SMACKDOWN. created by porpentine.
posted by Greg Nog on Feb 8, 2014 - 47 comments

"A clam for supper? a cold clam; is that what you mean, Mrs. Hussey?

"New Englanders learn quickly to dismiss the chowder where tomato ruins its gorgeous broth, where references to New York tarnish its name...However, few know how such distinctions came about in the first place, what processes were involved that resulted in one person's disgust of another's beloved creation, and why, to this day, do we stand by such convictions?" The New England Chowder Compendium, from the McIntosh Cookery Collection at the UMass Amherst library. [more inside]
posted by Miko on Dec 4, 2012 - 92 comments

The Deadliest Catch

The WMD was discovered, quite by chance, lying by the side of a Bridgeville road in late July by a Delaware state trooper on an unrelated callout. Jutting out of the ground, the 75mm shell was encrusted in barnacles and pitted with rust; barely recognisable as a munition at all. The trooper called in his find and a military team took the bomb to Dover Air Force Base for disposal. As with most conventional rounds, a small charge was placed on the side of the shell and detonated to trigger the vintage munition’s own explosive. But something went wrong, and the bomb failed to explode. When the two staff sergeants and technician walked over to inspect the failed detonation, they found a strange black liquid seeping out of the cracked mortar. Given that the shell had been under the sea for the better part of fifty years, the men thought little of the foul-smelling substance until hours later, when their skin began to erupt in agonising blisters. All three were rushed to Kent General hospital, where two were released later after minor treatment. A third, more seriously injured serviceman was transported to Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, where he remained in serious but stable condition with what were only described as “burns or blisters” in a statement issued by the Army later that week. A scientific team were sent to Dover to collect soil samples from the area. The results were clear: the shell had been filled with mustard gas.
posted by Blasdelb on Sep 20, 2012 - 52 comments

Clam Eating Salt On Table

Clam Eating Salt On Table [YouTube]
posted by Burhanistan on Jul 10, 2012 - 149 comments

Keep Clam and Carry On

"A single pair of these gleaming mollusks sold at a Puget Sound dock could pay for an upscale Seattle dinner for two. A half-dozen sold in a Hong Kong grocery could fetch nearly enough cash to make a four-figure mortgage payment. Three milk crates of these shellfish purchased at a Shanghai restaurant could pay for a year of undergraduate tuition at the University of Washington." The Seattle Times investigates undocumented clams, and Business Week explores the impact on Native Americans. [more inside]
posted by HMSSM on Jun 19, 2012 - 43 comments

It's a clam, in case you're wondering.

From the French cooking show Des Kiwis et des Hommes, a highly educational segment on how to prepare palourde royal. Kinda sorta NSFW.
posted by Shepherd on Jun 4, 2010 - 34 comments

Never run after a bus. There'll always be another one.

A 400 year old clam has been slaughtered by ruthless 'scientists'. How much could this clam have told us about history, about longevity, about life? Probably not much--it's a clam.
posted by hexatron on Oct 28, 2007 - 62 comments

What a piece of work I am

Eric Kraft might be he best writer you've never heard of. While at Harvard in the early sixties he imagined a boy on a broken down dock trying to place the soles of his feet as close as possible to the surface of the water without touching. What emerged was literary genius: the saga of Peter Leroy and the associated characters of the clamming town Babbington. Initially distributed as a newsletter to friends in the know, it was ultimately published in a series of remarkable novels.
posted by Turtles all the way down on May 29, 2007 - 9 comments

Oh mollusks come and walk with us....

Molluscan Glossary Do mollusks have feet ? Build your own molluscan expressions - "the fluviatile, equivalved ciliated mollusks of the circumboreal...." Get your fill of molluscan terminology now, before a Leviticus-based juggernaut bans your briny joy.
posted by troutfishing on May 23, 2005 - 4 comments

Surrounded by acres of clams

Razor clams are the most delicious clam in the entire world. On the coast of Washington and Oregon, there are acres of clams. The Washington beaches are opening for 48 hours next weekend. Grab your clam gun. If you can’t go digging, follow the action on the clam cam. This may interfere with the Seattle meetup. But above all, Keep Clam.
posted by warbaby on May 1, 2005 - 21 comments

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