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an alternative explanation for coconut migration

Octopus carries coconut halves as portable shelter
posted by NoraReed on Jun 4, 2015 - 34 comments

It's not a question of where it grips it.

It could grip it by the husk. (SLYT)
posted by secretdark on Nov 30, 2012 - 23 comments

Deez nuts!

"My hobby? It's funny you should ask... I make erotic carvings out of coconut shells..."
posted by jonson on Mar 29, 2004 - 8 comments

Falling Coconuts Kill More People Than Shark Attacks

Falling Coconuts Kill More People Than Shark Attacks

Does anyone remember the media generated shark attack hysteria hype from last summer? It turns out that a lot more people get killed every year by falling coconuts. Ow!
posted by mark13 on May 25, 2002 - 21 comments

2001 Ig Nobel Results:

2001 Ig Nobel Results: What is most suprising about this is that 9 out of the 10 winners actually wrote acceptance speeches. Awards went to the creator of "Stalin World," a study of teens who pick their noses, a study of injuries due to falling coconuts, and the invention of fart-proof underwear.
posted by KirkJobSluder on Oct 7, 2001 - 8 comments

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