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Colin Powell to become the secretary of state, which seems ok on the surface, but after looking at the functions of the position, wouldn't he make a better secretary of defense instead? I can't say I'm comfortable with the thought of the leading US diplomat and negotiator being someone so closely tied with military force (side question: would a war man negotiate peace treaties or get us into more bombing missions?). I also find it odd that in the acceptance speech, he can speak of the horrors of Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" and in the same breath talk about how the US should build up a missile defense system (our missiles aren't capable of mass destruction?). What do you think about the appointment?
posted by mathowie on Dec 16, 2000 - 35 comments

Last week's story

Last week's story followup about the INS trying deporting Holiday Inn workers who formed a union: Michael Moore is reporting that they get to stay in the country, possibly for good. Michael also mentions his new push to elect a Ficus tree to congress in 2000.
posted by mathowie on Apr 26, 2000 - 1 comment

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