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Neoconservative Kabbalism

Many members of the Bush administration have strong ties to philosopher Leo Strauss. Can this representation of his views be accurate? ... Strauss believed that he alone had recovered the true, hidden message contained in the "Great Tradition" of philosophy ... that there are no gods, that morality is ungrounded prejudice, and that society is not grounded in nature. (This Times profile doesn't make him sound as creepy, but is vague about his actual ideas.)
posted by lbergstr on May 7, 2003 - 18 comments

Condoms bad! No sex, good!

White House Wages Stealth War on Condoms The government is waging a covert war on condoms. Fact sheets on the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the transmission of the AIDS virus have disappeared from government sites. Right wing activists have been appointed to the the presidential AIDS panel. Government audits of AIDS activist groups who protest these policies have begun. So, apparently only evil-doers have sex outside of marriage, and they deserve to die horrible deaths.
posted by dejah420 on Nov 20, 2002 - 166 comments

The Conservative Intellectual's Matchmaker Quiz:

The Conservative Intellectual's Matchmaker Quiz: Just answer the questions - whichever ones you like - and you'll know the name of your potential real-life conservative sweethearts. Not to mention a great collection of like-minded, mostly highbrow and academic links. Ideal for lying, trouble-making lefties too![more inside]
posted by MiguelCardoso on Jan 14, 2002 - 9 comments

Total War: Article in UVa Conservative Magazine

Total War: Article in UVa Conservative Magazine Some choice quotes: "You have probably seen many of them around Grounds. They are the “doves:” The bleeding-heart liberal peacenik-types who have been whining and begging that the U.S. response be “measured” so that no more innocent people die, because enough have been killed already."
And the grossly innacurate:
"For the Koran quite emphatically states that whoever is not a Muslim—that is, whoever rejects the instruction of Allah (God) as revealed to Mohammed—is therefore a professed enemy of both God and the Muslim faithful. "
posted by samishah on Oct 11, 2001 - 6 comments

Anti-bullying vote blocked by Christian Conservatives

Anti-bullying vote blocked by Christian Conservatives The Washington State bill would have required school districts to set up policies against harassment, bullying and intimidation. Christian conservatives that blocked the vote claim "it amounted to censorship of their right to condemn homosexuality." There is no mention of homosexuality in the bill at all. So this leads me to the conclusion that these Christians condone "harassment, bullying and intimidation." How far from the Golden Rule can you stray and keep a straight face?
posted by kokogiak on May 1, 2001 - 26 comments

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