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A lover of courthouses

As he travels the highways of America, courthouselover stops in every county and parish along the way to snap a photo of its courthouse. "From the Prairie-style courthouses in the Dakotas to the antebellum beauties of Alabama, and from the Romanesque masterpieces of Central Texas and Indiana to the Mission style structures of New Mexico, they are all national treasures." [more inside]
posted by SpringAquifer on Apr 17, 2011 - 33 comments

Toilet Confessions

Tired of getting busted for illegally peeing* in New York City? Try Diaroogle.com, a toilet search engine that "helps you find quality public toilets from your mobile phone." [more inside]
posted by dhammond on Aug 6, 2008 - 40 comments

Cuyahoga County Courthouse

The Cuyahoga County Courthouse is a magnificent building. [via]
posted by Kraftmatic Adjustable Cheese on Mar 17, 2007 - 45 comments

From Alternews.

From Alternews. For those of you with no interest in paying $25 for the unofficial Oklahoma City Bombing report, more reliable media than previously presented here lay out a surprisingly clear case that Timothy McVeigh did not act alone. The matter will never be resolved. The Guardian. The Independent 1, 2. The Village Voice. One caveat: I have the impression that each of these stories is working from the same alternative data, perhaps the unofficial report.
posted by Mo Nickels on May 16, 2001 - 6 comments

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