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His prices are insaaaaaannne!

The colorful rise and fall of "Crazy Eddie" Antar, who built an New York City electronics store empire and then ended up in prison. (Bonus: more Crazy Eddie at the New Yorker).
posted by Chrysostom on Oct 26, 2016 - 33 comments

Life in the Enclave

The SY Empire: A rare and fascinating look inside the secretive Syrian Jewish community of Brooklyn, which has drawn a bright line against assimilation called the Edict that casts out for life any "SY" who marries a gentile, even if they convert. (Crazy Eddie -- who knew? Seinfeld's mom -- who knew? Isaac Misrahi -- who knew? "J-Dubs" -- who knew?)
posted by digaman on Oct 15, 2007 - 84 comments

Crazy Eddie sells out

Crazy Eddie. His prices were in-sane! After a failed attempt to revive the home electronic brand known for wacky commercials, the name is being auctioned off on eBay.
posted by Yakuman on Jul 4, 2006 - 27 comments

Crazy Eddie

Crazy Eddie is back, and he's on the Internet. Rising from the ashes of what the accountants call "one of the twentieth century’s most infamous financial statement frauds," the consumer-electronics retailer is offering once again to "beat any price you can find," along with all-new radio commercials! Just like being in New York in the 80s again.
posted by grimmelm on Dec 3, 2000 - 9 comments

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