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Brendan Dassey's conviction overturned in federal court

In a 91-page decision, a federal judge today overturned Brendan Dassey's conviction in Teresa Halbach's murder. (Full opinion available here.) The Teresa Halbach case recently made headlines in the popular 2015 Netflix documentary Making a Murderer, which focused primarily on the case, circumstance, and trial of Dassey's uncle Steven Avery. The case against Brendan Dassey was based in large part on a confession that documentary filmmakers, lawyers, and ultimately a federal judge deemed to be involuntary and coerced. In granting the writ of habeas corpus, the federal judge ruled that the State has 90 days to either release Dassey, or schedule the case to be re-tried by a jury, presumably without the inadmissible confession.
posted by likeatoaster on Aug 12, 2016 - 31 comments

Much of what we do in the law is guesswork

12 reasons to worry about our criminal justice system, by 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski [PDF]
posted by T.D. Strange on Jan 1, 2016 - 16 comments

What Michael did

“He did what he did out of fear,” Michael’s father says now. “He was mentally ill. Not criminally responsible means you’re not morally responsible.”

“It wasn’t his fault,” says Rebecca, who rested her hand on her brother’s shoulder as they walked out of court that day.
How does a family cope when one of them kills his mother in the midst of a psychotic episode?
posted by MartinWisse on May 3, 2014 - 25 comments

The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law

The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law
posted by Deathalicious on Sep 13, 2012 - 25 comments

Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2005

Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2005. In a speech given on November 10th, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales introduced proposed legislation [pdf] that would go one step further in criminalizing copyright infringement. The RIAA thinks its a good idea.
posted by ND¢ on Nov 23, 2005 - 35 comments

The New Deodands?

The new deodands? You too can enjoy the spoils of law. To be clear: it isn't the person that they're prosecuting, it's the cash, the house, the boat, the clothing... hence case names like 'United States v. $242,484'.
posted by snarfodox on May 4, 2004 - 14 comments

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