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Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama go to CVS

Chaos ensues. "It's like taking a three-year-old to the store!"
posted by Guy Smiley on Sep 14, 2016 - 73 comments


COMMERCE, MY FACELESS INTERNET FRIENDS, IS BEAUTIFUL. CVS Bangers is a parody mixtape from Hennessy Youngman.
posted by mkb on Apr 25, 2013 - 45 comments

In mathematics we trust.

The future of Bitcoin. Also, how to buy one at CVS.
posted by xowie on Apr 4, 2013 - 135 comments

Good News for Pregnant Needlephobes....

Invasive amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling (CVS) tests are commonly used to determine the chromosomal, structural and genetic abnormalities in fetuses. But could they eventually become obsolete? A Chinese study has found that a complete copy of the fetal genome exists in the mother's blood, suggesting many prenatal diagnoses could potentially be performed noninvasively. [more inside]
posted by zarq on Dec 8, 2010 - 30 comments

Im in ur congress, monitoring changes to ur legislation

Slashdot poster has brilliant legislative reform idea: "Source Control for Bills in Congress." What if sneaky changes to pending legislation showed up as soon as they were made instead of in ominously worded media reports months later?
posted by grobstein on Mar 7, 2007 - 62 comments

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