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Sitting at the desk by the door

On Monday, web technology mogul Dave Winer shared his theory about the gender imbalance in software engineering. This kicked off a hashtag on Twitter as well as this response from Rebecca Greenfield and this correction from Andy Baio. Yesterday Winer posted a follow-up, declaring "I don't care why there are so few women programmers." It was later revealed that some comments on this post were deleted, including the personal testimony of a 54 year-old female veteran of software engineering. [more inside]
posted by annekate on Aug 23, 2013 - 104 comments

Blogosphere Big Bang

The Early Days of Blogging - Presented at the 2009 HyperText conference, this paper is an extensively cited and well-researched narrative of the blogosphere's formative period. It delves deep into the involvement of Jorn Barger, Dave Winer, and other A-list luminaries.
posted by SpecialK on Jul 6, 2009 - 36 comments

Winer slams new Google toolbar feature

Dave Winer slams the new Google Toolbar Autolink feature as "poorly thought out" adware that unilaterally raises "serious integrity issues" for the Web. Southern Rants adds this pointed critique: "The most important point Winer makes is that it's not about technology. It's about making a HUGE change on the Web, our new social nexus, without discussion. See, he and I are old enough to remember when no one would do such a thing without taking it to ISOC or some such org. It needs discussion. It needs consideration. That's what Google doesn't understand." [via Ed Cone]
posted by mediareport on Feb 24, 2005 - 96 comments

Political blogs aggregated for your delectation

An aggregation of bloggers is attending the DNC, and here is a combined feed, courtesy of Dave Winer. If this isn't enough to send you into spasms of delirious ecstasy, you might also wish to explore politics.feedster.com and politics.technorati.com.
posted by cbrody on Jul 25, 2004 - 15 comments

Soon to be "Ripped From The Headlines" on Law & Order

Murder Most Foul? Yesterday, Dave Winer, the self-described "inventor of blogs", abruptly pulled the plug on 3000 blogs being hosted by weblogs.com, saying simply, "I can't afford to host these sites. I don't want to start a site hosting business. These are firm, non-negotiable statements." He's giving his hostees a couple of weeks to request an export of their site content, but they're otherwise S.O.L. Not surprisingly, some people are a little bent out of shape, particularly since the blogs just disappeared without any prior notice. (P.S. What happened to "Blogroots"?)
posted by briank on Jun 15, 2004 - 90 comments

Webloggers feud

Mark Pilgrim and Dave Winer are fighting, again. It started over a remark Dave made about various blogging services. Mark turned around and created a bot that reads Dave's RSS feed every 5 minutes and spits out the text, annotated to show what's been added/deleted/changed since the last time it ran. Dave's claiming copyright infringement, Mark's claiming fair use. Okay MeFi folks, which side are you on, and why?
posted by tommasz on Jul 11, 2003 - 60 comments

Scripting News is taking a break.

Scripting News is taking a break. "I'm shutting down Scripting News now, to give me some time to think, and to give you all a demo of what it would be like if it weren't here. These last few days have been really awful. You can't imagine what it's like to have so many people screaming at you. It's inhuman, especially considering that my health isn't that good. The only conclusion I can come to is that I shouldn't be doing this." That said, it looks like Dave is still making updates at http://scriptingnews.userland.com/.
posted by mrbula on Jun 29, 2003 - 48 comments

Dave Winer's not happy

Dave Winer's not happy about the fact that people are tweaking the orange XML icon used to link RSS/RDF feeds. You've seen that orange button saying XML at various sites, including MeFi. Milo just put up one saying RSS instead of XML, which was based on a point brought up by xiffix, "In hindsight, appropriating the global acronym XML for this narrow use was a mistake. The button should say RSS. Hopefully, people will take Dave’s suggestion to do something completely different to heart and abandon the Userland attempt at a standard icon"
posted by riffola on Oct 30, 2002 - 28 comments

Dave Winer offers us 2 views of the scripting world in 2005.

Dave Winer offers us 2 views of the scripting world in 2005. He says that 'in one view, we are all inside Microsoft's box, sharing a common set of libraries and object hierarchies. In the other, we use our favourite tools and runtimes, our communities stay independent.' Frighteningly, he may well be absolutely right. What a great diagram; it reminds me of drawing when I was a kid.
posted by Atom Heart Mother on Aug 31, 2001 - 17 comments

Dave Winer rewrites "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

Dave Winer rewrites "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" - In which he muses in an undergraduate manner about why IT is so male-dominated, offering up such gems as "Men are the artists of our species, women are the infrastructure". As you'd expect, this hasn't gone down with some. The gas is on, let's flick the zippo...
posted by GrahamVM on Aug 26, 2001 - 63 comments

O'Reilly investment in Pyra disclosed

O'Reilly investment in Pyra disclosed by Dave Winer on the FoRK mailing list. Was this a secret?
posted by rafeco on Aug 23, 2000 - 15 comments

Dave Winer

Dave Winer, it appears, is mentioned in the new April issue of Macworld. I just picked up the new issue, and looked to the last page, and David Pogue wrote about how different media outlets predicted Apple's demise, and then he went about humiliating them by reprinting portions of their articles or quotes, and responding. Yes, Dave Winer was one of the people quoted.
posted by premiumpolar on Feb 29, 2000 - 4 comments

This guy gets in pissing contest with that guy, then this guy's new widget looks a lot like these folks' widget (at least that's what this other guy says). And now these folks give that guy a job.
I love the web! (Just not for the right reasons)
posted by wendell on Feb 17, 2000 - 40 comments

Dave Winer

Dave Winer has been talking about the Davos economic conference for weeks now. Now that it's finally here, the davosnewbies site should be updated every few hours for the rest of the week, and should be worth checking out. Moveover.com is also a great central place to find news feeds about Davos.
posted by mathowie on Jan 26, 2000 - 0 comments

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