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Lawyers for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson recently sent a cease and desist letter (pdf) to CafePress. The reason? To halt sales of all unauthorized Ben Carson For President products, based on the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act, The Lanham Act, Federal Trademark Infringement, Federal Copyright Infringement, state misappropriation and privacy laws." [more inside]
posted by 1367 on Sep 21, 2015 - 56 comments

Kim DotCom Fights Back

Kim DotCom Search Warrant Ruled Illegal [more inside]
posted by snaparapans on Jun 28, 2012 - 32 comments

Do you like fast-forwarding through commercials on a television program you’ve recorded? How much do you like it? Enough to go to jail if you’re caught doing it? If a new copyright and intellectual property omnibus bill sitting on Congress’s desk passes, that may be the choice you'll face. Let's hope this legislation goes lame duck like this session of Congress.
posted by hockeyman on Nov 19, 2004 - 46 comments

The Library of Congress blew it.

The Library of Congress blew it. I watched some of the hearings about the CARP-proposed webcasting fees, and I had the impression that the people at the Library got it. I was wrong. So instead of having all their limbs chopped off, webcasters can now expect only to be cut off at the knees. The end result will be the same, though; say goodbye to Internet radio.
posted by geneablogy on Jun 20, 2002 - 30 comments

Princeton Backs Down

Princeton Backs Down "Litigation is costly, time-consuming, and uncertain, regardless of the merits of the other side's case. We remain committed to free speech and to the value of scientific debate to our country and the world." Sorry for the drama, but as a scientist I have to go off and vomit now.
posted by DiplomaticImmunity on Apr 27, 2001 - 5 comments

John at Genehack sez:

John at Genehack sez: "The music industry is a drug dealer. Napster is drug legalization." I think he might be right.
posted by baylink on Aug 24, 2000 - 5 comments

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