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The Italian Job

Europe's next crisis: Italy's teetering banks. [more inside]
posted by storybored on Jul 10, 2016 - 32 comments


What's happening in Greece? Explaining the Greek Debt Crisis. Latest developments: In the Eurozone, growing support for a Greek Exit. while Greeks are stashing €10,000 bundles in their homes. preparing for what the Greek Central Bank calls a financial collapse.
posted by storybored on Jun 18, 2015 - 134 comments

The Pink Zebra of Wall Street

Guitar Center, America's largest music equipment retailer, is facing some tough financial times. This in itself is not necessarily news. What's intriguing is that Guitar Center, which was previously owned by Bain Capitol -- yes, that Bain Capital -- was recently acquired by its major creditor, private equity firm Ares Management. At least one analyst is speculating that Ares Management may see more upside in peddling Guitar Center's junk bond rated debts to other suckers than in revitalizing it to sell more guitars and amps, a strategy that harkens back to the recent sub prime mortgage market implosion. [more inside]
posted by mosk on Apr 4, 2014 - 64 comments

"to restructure your debt is to declare yourself similar to …"

Lee Buchheit, fairy godmother to finance ministers in distress
Lee Buchheit, a lawyer at US firm Cleary Gottlieb, has been present at all the major debt crises of the past three decades. His reputation among investors is as a fearsome and aggressive litigator, but finance ministers in distress see him as something of a fairy godmother.
[more inside] posted by the man of twists and turns on May 19, 2013 - 5 comments

The Price To Play Its Way

Want your new law school to get accredited by the American Bar Association? Be prepared to jump through some hoops.
posted by reenum on Dec 18, 2011 - 39 comments

Compromise this.

The US Debt envisioned in hundred-dollar bills.
posted by Phire on Jul 21, 2011 - 90 comments

Is the next debt crisis in student loans?

Is the next debt crisis in student loans? Students are graduating from undergrad with 6-figures of student loan debt. With whom does the responsibility reside? [more inside]
posted by k8t on May 29, 2010 - 203 comments

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