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Standing on the ankles of giants

A great advance in computer engineering: introducing the "Doubleton"!!!!! A fascinating example of the intersection of uncritical thinking, mediocre implementation, and a solution in search of a problem resume padding. [more inside]
posted by orthogonality on Jun 10, 2010 - 65 comments

Social software design (anti-)patterns

Yahoo!'s Christian Crumlish puts forward five principles of good social software design, and five anti-patterns, or ways to get it wrong. [more inside]
posted by acb on Aug 9, 2009 - 59 comments

recycled web visuals and other web tools

Design Patterns, Reuse, recycle, but don’t reinvent the wheel unless necessary. This collection captures findings of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the web. One of the many tools, tutorials etc. from Smashing Magazine's list, Best of September 2007. [more inside]
posted by nickyskye on Oct 10, 2007 - 9 comments

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