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LinkNYC changes tack

Over the past few months, LinkNYC has installed hundreds of its free high-speed wi-fi kiosks in Manhattan, and dozens more in Queens and the Bronx. In addition to wi-fi, the kiosks provide USB charging for phones, and—via a small built-in tablet—free phone calls, maps, and access to the web. They'd be supported via advertising on the big HD screens on each side and would cost taxpayers nothing. Or that was the idea, anyway... [more inside]
posted by Sokka shot first on Sep 15, 2016 - 105 comments

Crowdsourcing is Only as Representative as the Crowd Doing the Sourcing

There are fewer Pokemon Go locations in black neighborhoods, but why?
posted by MrGuilt on Aug 11, 2016 - 13 comments

The new New Deal

How to Give Rural America Broadband? Look to the Early 1900s
posted by Michele in California on Aug 8, 2016 - 18 comments

Offline underclass

75 million Americans don’t have internet. Here’s what it’s like.
posted by flapjax at midnite on Jan 29, 2015 - 142 comments

Still far from that digital democracy any utopian could hope for.

7 (well, technically 6) myths of the digital divide.
posted by iamkimiam on Apr 26, 2013 - 8 comments

"Internet in a Suitcase"

The Commotion Wireless Project is a free, open-source (but still early beta) software platform for creating decentralized wireless mesh networks. [more inside]
posted by Westringia F. on Mar 20, 2013 - 22 comments

Offline: One Year Without the Internet

Offline: Paul Miller, writing for The Verge, is taking a year off from the internet. Among other things, he can't install modern video games and he must figure out how to pay his bills.
posted by secretseasons on Jul 14, 2012 - 52 comments

Digital Divide?

The NYT published an article this week covering a new "digital divide" where poor children are spending more time "wasting time" online. [more inside]
posted by momochan on Jun 1, 2012 - 47 comments

Fresh Brain

FreshBrain: Online tech training (animation, video editing, graphic editing, application creation, etc) for youth - nonprofit and totally free. Featuring activities and contests
posted by serazin on Dec 11, 2008 - 1 comment

The coming of the tiny cheap computers

Computers get cheap. While Microsoft has seen fit to require a whole new generation of computers to run its latest operating system, a number of manufacturers have started the creation of cheap notebook computers. The list includes the infamous Palm Foleo, mentioned here previously, and the OLPC, mentioned pretty much everywhere previously. But also coming soon is the Asus EEE, a $200-300 notebook running Linux. And Intel's alternative to the OLPC, the Classmate PC. Even as the low cost alternatives to standard computer start to come on sale, the prices for traditional laptops dip ever lower. Can the digital divide, at least hardware wise, be consigned to the dustbin of history?
posted by zabuni on Aug 19, 2007 - 86 comments

Yellow Sheep River keeps on Sputniking along

Sputnik for the digital g-g-g-generation? No, thats probably hyperbole. But despite yankee plans for a $100 Laptop for Every Kid, those dang Chinese have gone ahead and created a €123 (that's Euros, son) Personal Computer, the YSR-639.

As a perfect nightmare for Gates, Jobs and Barrett all it runs a version of linux (ok, that was probably everybody's guess) on a processor I had never heard of before: the Godson CPU. The company espouses an unusual amount of populist rhetoric, the kind that I thought had been eliminated in now-capitalist China, claiming this a computer for all. Basically, they aim to end the Digital Divide--in China, anyway. Check out the video at CEBITvideo.com (Google Video. [VIA]
posted by illovich on Mar 21, 2006 - 64 comments

Problems with the $100 laptop

Problems with the $100 laptop. With the upcoming press conference about the MIT media lab's $100 laptop, this article talks about its origin and some of the problems in trying to overcoming a digital divide. [via: del.icio.us/malaclyps/oblink]
posted by gsb on Nov 16, 2005 - 50 comments

Digital Divide or Dividend?

Digital Divide or Dividend? Is the Internet killing unique local cultures or strengthening them?
posted by andrewraff on Mar 16, 2001 - 3 comments

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