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The Surprisingly Imperfect Science of DNA Testing

You're arrested for murder. You didn't do it. But your DNA was found on the dead man's finger. How could that happen? The Surprisingly Imperfect Science of DNA Testing: How a proven tool may be anything but. A longform story by Katie Worth, produced by Frontline, Fusion, and The Marshall Project.
posted by (Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) Oates on Jun 24, 2015 - 12 comments

Twenty-eight years and eight months

The Someone You're Not: "Our packed prisons are starting to disgorge hundreds of mostly African-American men who, over the last few decades, we wrongly convicted of violent crimes. This is what it's like to spend nearly thirty years in prison for something you didn't do. This is what it's like to spend nearly thirty years as someone you aren't. And for Ray Towler, this is what it's like to be free." Via. [more inside]
posted by zarq on Feb 25, 2011 - 18 comments

Would You Want to Know?

"Starting Friday, Walgreens' shoppers can buy an over-the-counter genetics test from Pathway Genomics at 7,500 stores across the country. Priced at $20 to $30, the kit claims to offer information on users' possibility of developing conditions like Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, or diabetes. Access to the scientific analysis online, however, costs another $79 to $179"* [video | 02:31]. "But doctors and geneticists fear the worst for this new over-the-counter access to genetic testing. With no physician to interpret the results of the test, and no FDA regulation of how results are processed or delivered, there is the potential for consumers to misinterpret what their risk really means for their health and their lifestyle."* [more inside]
posted by ericb on May 11, 2010 - 47 comments

Cops probing use of forensics lab for personal divorce case

One can see the utility of the home semen detection kit mentioned on Metafilter earlier; after all, using the one at work can get you into trouble. (The allegedly cheating husband was once a Canadian Football League All-Star and scored a Grey Cup touchdown. This earned him a $50,000 salary.) Ms. Chamberlain-Gordon claims she did the test with chemicals that would have been thrown away anyway; her previous claim to fame was testifying about blood spatter in the Ricky Holland murder case.
posted by commander_cool on Jul 5, 2007 - 29 comments

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