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Mmm, planets

Could a planet in the shape of a donut exist, and could it sustain life? Mmmmaybe. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Sep 13, 2016 - 32 comments

Nuts about doughnuts

Recipes for Leftover Doughnuts.
posted by storybored on May 27, 2016 - 33 comments

Donut Cat & Friends

Donyatsu - an anime series wherein the ruins of human civilization are inhabited by . . . cute animals shaped like round baked goods. On a given one-and-a-half-minute episode, they might try to play with a giant robot or quote Terminator. [more inside]
posted by knuckle tattoos on Dec 8, 2015 - 4 comments

First Donut of the Night

A fantastic 44 minute video for J Dilla's Donuts
posted by honestcoyote on Jan 18, 2015 - 8 comments

Powdered sugar is obviously so last year.

Chanukkah begins tomorrow night and the traditional foods are fried in oil. Latkes (potato pancakes) are established Hanukkah treats but the other treat most common in Israel are doughnuts. Ashkenazi Jews eat sufganiyot, which have their origins in Germany and are traditionally filled with strawberry jam. In North Africa the doughnuts are called sfenj (pronounced shfinz) and generally are traced to Morocco. Sfenj are drizzled with honey or date syrup. [more inside]
posted by Sophie1 on Dec 15, 2014 - 45 comments

Well, that certainly escalated quickly.

I was pretty good with this (previously), as I'd had the vegetarian version in Japan before and quite enjoyed it. But this will require a bit of side-eye before I'll get it in my piehole, I think. Still, nothing ventured, nothing (weight) gained.
posted by Purposeful Grimace on Nov 14, 2014 - 18 comments

Dunkin’ and the Doughnut King

Ted Ngoy overcame poverty and escaped genocide, made a fortune off doughnuts and gambled it all away. Today, Ngoy is back on top — but America’s biggest doughnut chain could threaten the hundreds of California shops that are his legacy.
posted by Chrysostom on Nov 13, 2014 - 68 comments

Fringe History

Seven Things Not to Learn from Sleepy Hollow, a "delightful but completely unreliable source of historical information". The show, which is already writen by Fringe alumni Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman just gained John Noble as a recuring character "The Sin Eater".
posted by Artw on Nov 5, 2013 - 338 comments

The Epicenter of Crime

The Hunt's Donuts Story Hunt’s Donuts was a thorn in the side of the police at the heart of a neighborhood that has always been a thorn in the side of the police. . [more inside]
posted by dubold on Sep 13, 2013 - 5 comments

Go nuts for

New York City (and elsewhere) has lost its damn mind for a little something called: the Cronut. [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Jun 15, 2013 - 135 comments

mmmmmmmm, forbidden donut

Entrepreneur Jia Jiang has decided to overcome his fear of rejection through a sort of exposure therapy desensitization: he's "seeking one rejection on purpose every day for 100 days" by making crazy requests of strangers, filming each encounter on his iPhone and posting them to his blog. Here's his attempt on Day 3 to order doughnuts shaped (and colored) like the Olympic rings at a Krispy Kreme in Austin, TX. [more inside]
posted by zarq on Nov 26, 2012 - 86 comments

You down with DDT?

Ten vintage advertisements that definitely wouldn't fly today.
posted by gman on Aug 23, 2012 - 103 comments

Half platinum, half gold.

The most insane letter ever written by a child to a TV weatherman.
posted by scalefree on Mar 9, 2012 - 104 comments

Last Donut of the Night

SLYT: Jazz trio Stray Phrases covers J Dilla's Donuts.
posted by avocet on Dec 21, 2011 - 11 comments

Roll your own Solar Cell

Make your own solar cell out of powdered donuts, Everclear, Tazo Passion tea, and other common ingredients. (slyt) [more inside]
posted by mccarty.tim on Nov 22, 2009 - 19 comments

Mmmmm Donuts.... glaaaaaaaaa Me/Drools

Do you have any idea what day tomorrow is? Oh sure you could celebrate by going to: Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. But why not try someplace a little less mainstream?
posted by Mastercheddaar on Jun 4, 2009 - 46 comments

Massive Head Trauma: It's what's for breakfast

Mental illness and doughnuts do not mix. Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California takes donuts "to the next demented level." Mental health advocates are not enthusiastic. The store itself comes with nurses, a padded cell and "group therapy" area. offerings include the Massive Head Trauma, a jelly donut with red filling oozing from the side and the Bipolar, half nuts and half coconut topping. The shop's owners respond to the controversy.
posted by otherwordlyglow on May 12, 2009 - 143 comments

Hey Cat!

Look at This Cat! Not to be confused with look at this dog, look at this muppet (wat a donut...), robots and donuts, monkeys and robots, monkeys on stilts, twin monkeys, koala twins, or celebrities without makeup. [via mefi projects]
posted by ooga_booga on Feb 3, 2009 - 73 comments

Hot Glazed Roe Nuts.

Anti-choice group up in arms over Krispy Kreme's "abortion doughnuts" [sic] and [blech]. At least they're not supporting terrorists.

In related news, other giveaways on Inauguration Day include free waffles in Portland, free coffee (Oren's "Beans You Can Believe IN") in Manhattan, and a free Berry Obama frozen yogurt in Chicago. A scoop of Ben & Jerry's Yes Pecan will still cost you full price.
posted by ericbop on Jan 16, 2009 - 123 comments

Laaahge Reg'luh!

The cult of Dunkin' Donuts. Why New Englanders are devoted to Dunkin' Donuts. It's not only because of this.
posted by Mayor Curley on Jul 5, 2007 - 146 comments

Or maybe this is just something nobody in San Diego knows about...

You think you've seen it all and then you see Snow Donuts
posted by Citizen Premier on Mar 20, 2007 - 23 comments

Donuts - is there anything they can't do?

After this there isn't really much else for science to accomplish.
posted by jimmythefish on Jan 26, 2007 - 28 comments

Donuts? Go nuts!

How to drive... like a maniac. The affable Tiff Needell illustrates how to get more out of your FWD, RWD, and AWD vehicle. And, of course, how to manage on two out of your four wheels. (youtube)
posted by Eideteker on Jan 15, 2007 - 20 comments


Everything you ever wanted to know about the Belshaw Donut Robot (Model 42.)
posted by ikkyu2 on Nov 20, 2006 - 52 comments

Evlewt Syad Fo Samtsirch

Twelve Days Of Christmas : as sung and customised by the cast of Twin Peaks circa 1990. A disturbing new addition to your 2005 Halloween party mix! Note distinct lack of Lynchian subversiveness. via The Morning News
posted by elphTeq on Feb 8, 2005 - 27 comments

Its obesity talk time, again.

Its obesity talk time, again. "Once the fried dough embodiment of hot and fresh, Krispy Kreme has transformed its original glazed doughnut into a new frozen beverage for summer." You heard that right. A donut drink. The United States is still food innovator #1!
posted by 4midori on Jul 21, 2004 - 61 comments

Dunkin' Donuts founder passes on -

Dunkin' Donuts founder passes on - From a single shop in Quincy, Mass. to over 5000 stores around the globe, William Rosenberg created what is probably world's most recognizable donut and coffee chain. (Well, maybe that's because I live in New England, where there's always a DD location within a block radius.) Rosenberg was 86.
posted by MediaMan on Sep 22, 2002 - 31 comments

Minneapolis declares war on Krispy Kreme.

Minneapolis declares war on Krispy Kreme. Maybe it's about time something like this happened. After all, considering how ever-growing food conglomerates like Starbucks and McDonald's always seem to be getting attacked from all sides, it's sort of surprising Krispy Kreme has had so little trouble expanding.
posted by mrbula on May 2, 2002 - 33 comments

The real story behind Krispy Kreme mania

The real story behind Krispy Kreme mania The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has become an object of derision in some journalism circles (scroll down a bit) for sending *four* reporters to cover the opening of a Krispy Kreme. In fact, it was just the latest victim of a carefully orchestrated campaign by KK and its p.r. minions (that first link is a PDF).
posted by agaffin on Apr 30, 2002 - 39 comments

Cop uses helicopter for doughnut run,

Cop uses helicopter for doughnut run, gets investigated. Any real life incident involving cops & doughnuts is farcical. But should this guy be disciplined? Cops use their cruisers for this purpose all the time. Maybe he shouldn't have had the pilot land in a open field, though. Also debatable: why am I reading about cops & doughnuts at 11pm on a Fri. night?
posted by espada on Oct 5, 2001 - 23 comments

Important Massachusetts Legislation

Important Massachusetts Legislation shown here makes me pruod to live in the Commonwealth...
posted by phunkone on May 10, 2001 - 20 comments

How much would you pay

How much would you pay for a giant donut? Don't answer yet. What if that donut were not 7, not 9, but 14" in diameter? Now how much would you pay? $10? $20? $25? Best Donut Man of New York will deliver a giant 14" donut to your doorstep for a mere $43.95 (which includes overnight delivery)! Now if only I could find someone to deliver a garbage can size cup of coffee and some throwrug sized napkins, I'd be totally set.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe on Feb 11, 2000 - 3 comments

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