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AOL Joins the "Irregularity" Parade?

AOL Joins the "Irregularity" Parade? "AOL converted legal disputes into ad deals. It negotiated a shift in revenue from one division to another, bolstering its online business. It sold ads on behalf of online auction giant eBay Inc., booking the sale of eBay's ads as AOL's own revenue. AOL bartered ads for computer equipment in a deal with Sun Microsystems Inc. AOL counted stock rights as ad and commerce revenue in a deal with a Las Vegas firm called PurchasePro.com Inc."
posted by owillis on Jul 18, 2002 - 17 comments


T-206 The most valuable baseball card of all time is up for auction on Ebay. Honus Wagner T206
posted by owillis on Jul 5, 2000 - 5 comments

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