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If it's good enough for the Oscars...

MetaVote! Britain will head to the polls on May 5 to vote on, er, voting, in a campaign that could change the political face of Britain. A little. It’s a two-horse race between the venerable, incumbent first-past-the-post and the upstart preferential Alternative Vote. Should Britain replace it’s electoral system? These people say yes. These people say no. These people also say no, but for different reasons. Does anybody even care? Let the bickering begin!
posted by londonmark on Mar 11, 2011 - 83 comments

I've been thinking about a good visible mission for Al Gore

I've been thinking about a good visible mission for Al Gore over the next four years, and took a look at this Google search. After all, he is not only a government wonk, but also a technology wonk with an reasonably expected level of passion on the topic. Imagine my surprise when only one of the top hits today was about the US, while the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Bosnia were highlighted.
posted by fpatrick on Dec 13, 2000 - 8 comments

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