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The Elian Gonzalez shrine

The house where Elian Gonzales stayed in Florida is now a shrine. [more inside]
posted by Omon Ra on Feb 23, 2010 - 15 comments

Elian's Miami home has been turned into shrine

Elian's Miami home has been turned into shrine by relatives in Florida to counter the Cuban museum to the "battle of ideas" in Elian's home town of Cardenas that recalls Cuba's version of the Elian story.
posted by danec on Oct 22, 2001 - 9 comments

Elian: the Movie

Elian: the Movie - coming soon to small screens everywhere. My TV is riddled with commercials for this epic, touch-your-heart-and-soul 4 hour saga of Miami's favorite son.
posted by tomorama on Sep 16, 2000 - 5 comments

Fidel's victory over the U.S. is complete.

Fidel's victory over the U.S. is complete. Elian will return to Cuba, probably before the next sunrise. Why did this decision take so long? The negligent bungling of the Clinton adminsitration, the Department of Justice, and the INS. When Elian first arrived, the INS placed him in the custody of his nearest kin here in America, and advised them to seek a state court ruling on custody. They relied on that advice and did so. Then, for political resonas, the administration betrayed both the family and the boy, critically undermining our foreign policy objectives in the process. His future as a pawn of the Castro tyranny looks bleak indeed. We can only hope he and every other Cuban are soon freed from Fidel's rule.
posted by mikewas on Jun 28, 2000 - 34 comments

Man who helped save Elian says raid violated civil rights, sues for $100M.

Man who helped save Elian says raid violated civil rights, sues for $100M. The title says it all...crazy. I wonder if Elian's father could sue the extended family for kidnapping Elian and holding him hostage?
posted by mathowie on May 23, 2000 - 9 comments

"we're just two schmucks who thought something was funny."

"we're just two schmucks who thought something was funny." Yet more elian/true news (like you needed more). The two playboy guys have backed down from the AP bully boys. if you are running a mirror site, send in a link to these guys and they'll link to you. With over 1,000,000 visitors in the past couple of days, it might be worth the e-mail.
Meanwhile Salon also has a run down on the story.
posted by Neale on Apr 29, 2000 - 6 comments

Found this over at Free Advice in regards to the Elian Gonzalez Spoof Movie:

WHAT IS "FAIR USE" WITH RESPECT TO A COPYRIGHT? Copyrighted work may be used for certain limited purposes by people other than the owner under the doctrine of "fair use." "Fair use" includes reproduction for specific purposes such as:

criticism and comment, including parody
news reporting

I beleive that the movie is protected. How else could have the South Park used the photo in last night's episode? I doubt the AP is going to go head to head with Comedy Central over the issue. It is just easy for big companies to threaten the little people and know that they will win. What a shame.
posted by da5id on Apr 27, 2000 - 8 comments

Well, that didn't take long...

Well, that didn't take long... Associated Press just dropped a "cease and desist" on the Elian-Wassup movie. Damn! The thought police are getting faster and faster these days.
posted by ratbastard on Apr 27, 2000 - 36 comments

Crackpots brought to you by 'balance"

Crackpots brought to you by 'balance" is a piece over at the Boston Globe on the state of the media today. It focuses on the media's handling of the whole Elian G. business, but it also takes a different angle on the more general matter of being journalistically 'fair' . . . which I thought interesting too in the light of growth of online fora and web logs (and perhaps also ask-an-expert sites?) which are coming to be considered as legitimate news resources.
posted by mrpalomar on Apr 27, 2000 - 7 comments

Broadcast "quality" animation in 3 days?

Broadcast "quality" animation in 3 days? Something disturbing about tonite's southpark that just occured to me. it was basically about the ellian controversy, and the raid on easter sunday, they even had janet reno dressed up as the easter bunny for the attack, and they used "the closet photo" to kill kenny. now I know southpark animation isn't that difficult, but that seems awfully fast for them to put together an episode, espeically given that they've been advertising the episode all month...I'll be dreaming of conspiracy theories to explain this one tonite
posted by nomisxid on Apr 26, 2000 - 10 comments

They say the virgin mary, I say it's a smudge.

They say the virgin mary, I say it's a smudge. I'm pretty tired of seeing this Elian story go on and on, and apparently most people that read CNN think so too. It's funny, if a news story lasts more than a month, I can't even remember why I cared either way in the first place (see OJ, Iran-Contra Hearings, anything to do with Columnbine).
posted by mathowie on Mar 28, 2000 - 5 comments

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