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I can't keep all these cervids straight

I feel like people need to know the Great Moose Truths. [non-tumblr-logged in readers can view here]
posted by the man of twists and turns on Sep 18, 2016 - 29 comments

Baby Elk Scoop 'n' Run

Baby elk Scoop 'n' Run. Banff National Park personnel move an urban elk calf to a more isolated spot so its mother won't feel the need to keep charging at people. (SLYT)
posted by cybercoitus interruptus on Jun 7, 2014 - 27 comments

Elk vs photographer

Photographer gets in a tussle with an elk, copious amounts of headbutting ensue.
posted by mahershalal on Nov 13, 2013 - 63 comments

"There won't be blood ... if we can get some tape."

Estradasphere may be on permanent hiatus, but the party can't be stopped with their 23-minute version of Hunger Strike (NSFQuiet) [more inside]
posted by mannequito on Aug 14, 2011 - 12 comments

Antler arches of WY

Large elk antler arches in Jackson Hole & Afton, WY. (Btw, it seems that that antlers fall off naturally, so most of them are collected by Boy Scouts, not shot by hunters) [more inside]
posted by growabrain on Feb 6, 2011 - 20 comments

The trouble with dogs

So there's this elk carcass on my front yard and two dogs inside who refuse to come out. One is snoring. And I have guests arriving soon.... No, it's not a joke. It's far funnier than that! [Via Linkfilter]
posted by Carlos Quevedo on Apr 3, 2003 - 13 comments

Remember, kids, make the most of every day, because you never know when you might be crushed by a flying elk.
posted by jjg on Aug 23, 2000 - 17 comments

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