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What happened to Evony?

What happened to Evony? On MeFi: Previous 1 and Previous 2
posted by josher71 on Oct 18, 2011 - 49 comments

Pay me now, my Lord

We've covered web-based game Evony's peculiar advertising previously. Now intrepid gamers are playing/observing the thing, and finding a lack of both freeness and heaving bosoms.
posted by mippy on Sep 25, 2009 - 41 comments

Halp your Queen's boobs, My Lord!

The downward spiral that is Evony, a web based multi-player game, advertising. Also: The Best Worst Ads by 1UP and fake in-game ads by Something Awful.
posted by Foci for Analysis on Jul 11, 2009 - 41 comments

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