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The Worlds Biggest Harry Potter Fan

This guy is really into Harry Potter
posted by jpdoane on Nov 16, 2010 - 125 comments

Heaven is, as heaven does ...

"My brother says that some day two men in white coats will come and take me away. Someone said that if they are men, after looking at the shop, they will forget what they came for and I should remain free". A photo tour of the home workshop of Mr. Jacques Jodoin, including a video walkthrough.
posted by woodblock100 on Sep 8, 2010 - 31 comments

World-class pianist, figure skater, linguist, diplomat ... and buff babe?

Rice, the rocket. Secretary of State shares fitness tips with early-morning DC news. Next week: Cyclin' with POTUS (schedule subject to change).
posted by rob511 on Feb 28, 2006 - 17 comments

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