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Art Crawl!

This Christmas, The Middleman and Wendy return to fight yet another science fiction franchise's villains (previously) in: THE PARADOXICALLY FESTIVE MORTALITY.
posted by kmz on Dec 20, 2012 - 8 comments

Sweet Mother of Lethbridge-Stewart!

The Middleman and Wendy in THE WIBBLY-WOBBLY, TIMEY-WIMEY, JIGGERY-POKERY. Javier Grillo-Marxuach, creator of The Middleman (prev) in both comics and TV, imagines a cross-over with a certain venerable British franchise. [more inside]
posted by kmz on Dec 5, 2011 - 14 comments

You will never again in your life see something this epic, so you may as well pluck your eyes out with a spork right now.

Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi Fan Fiction Contest to Benefit the Lupus Alliance of America. Metafilter's own jscalzi and Wil Wheaton want you to explain what's going on in this awesome picture. [more inside]
posted by kmz on Jun 1, 2010 - 51 comments

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