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Finding your very own superfox

Star Magazine ran for five issues in the spring and summer of 1973. Based in Los Angeles and directed at teenage girls, it covered rock stars, fashion ("How to get the rich hippie look"), dating advice ("How to get guys"), and interviews with such luminaries as Marc Bolan and Sally Struthers, as well as paeans to groupie life and getting your head together. All five issues have been scanned and uploaded for your viewing pleasure (once you get past the clunky interface and watermarks). Platform shoes recommended.
posted by jokeefe on Jan 6, 2011 - 38 comments

Last year's most popular baby names in B.C.

Last year's most popular baby names in B.C. Fashions come and go, in names as much as anything else. Madison, Mackenzie, and Taylor are on the rise for girls, Liam for boys, with Brandon and Tyler still on the charts as well as more familiar names like Matthew. This page breaks down every registry for last year; how many different ways can you spell Kayley/Kayleigh/Kaylee? What about the 9 people who named their sons Maximus, or the 6 people who have given the world more Keanus? There are also a handful of Aaliyahs, Brooklyns, Montanas, and of course Brittneys. Where does your name stand?
posted by jokeefe on Jul 11, 2002 - 95 comments

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