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If it ain't broke, break it: the unspoken motto of The Kinks

"HH [Henry Hauser]: Ryan and Nina are right on target. The Ray-Dave sibling rivalry sparked many of The Kinks' most spontaneous (and brilliant) musical moments. The Storyteller, Ray's riveting account of early life in the Davies household and his band’s rise to prominence, has him describing how he and Dave exchanged scornful looks while recording "You Really Got Me". The elder Davies swears that if you listen closely, you can actually hear Dave yelling "Fuckkkoffff" right before his guitar solo. Ray salvaged the track by covering up Dave's profane exclamation with his own unscripted outburst ("Owwwww noooooo!"), and the impromptu rock scream turned into one of the most memorable quirks in Kinks history. It perfectly captures the animalistic agony that accompanies hopeless infatuation. Without the Ray-Dave rivalry, it would never have happened."

Henry Hauser, Ryan Bray, Nina Corcoran, and Stevie Dunbar at Consequence of Sound hold a round-table discussion in "Dusting 'Em Off: The Kinks – The Kinks". [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome on Oct 7, 2014 - 28 comments

"Boxing is a business."

Why I Fixed Fights.
posted by Rangeboy on Apr 16, 2014 - 19 comments

Unnecessary backflip! Hiyaaah!

The Youtube channel called Baddest Fight Scenes EVER! has enough b-movie fights to last you till the end of the weekend. And when it comes to this kind of movies, "baddest" is a compliment. I suggest you start with Revenge of the Ninja. [more inside]
posted by ersatz on May 5, 2010 - 30 comments

Schiavo--life and death?

An Objective Legal Look (and more) on Schiavo-- As a Florida law blogger, I have created this page to help people understand the legal circumstances surrounding the Terri Schiavo saga. In my view, there continues to be a need for an objective look at the matter. There is an unbelievable amount of misinformation being circulated. Links to all court decisions, timelines, questions and answers (some shocking)...you name it. All the info available on this tragic situation.
posted by amberglow on Mar 19, 2005 - 165 comments

The pain!

The pain! The pain!
posted by swift on Jun 3, 2002 - 9 comments

Friday flash fighting

Friday flash fighting - all the XiaoXiao stick figure fights, 1-8!
posted by cashmein on Mar 29, 2002 - 3 comments

Sick of being beaten to a pulp in bar-room scuffles? Feeling bruised, battered and almost defeated? Learn how to take a punch and turn your life around. This serious advice page includes such gems as 'Move toward the blow, not away from it..', 'Avoid taking the punch in the nose, which is extremely painful', 'do not flinch..', and little-known defence manoeuvres such as '3. Attempt to deflect the blow with an arm' and '4. (optional) Hit back with an uppercut or roundhouse'. Goodluck warriors: Your equipped.
posted by Kino on Aug 22, 2001 - 13 comments

The Quadratic Law of Resentment

The Quadratic Law of Resentment If you combine N people, there are N(N-1)/2 possible ways in which arguments can break out. [via A&LD] This seems rather salient to a site like Metafilter...
posted by rushmc on Jan 12, 2001 - 9 comments

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