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Disengaging in game form

Disengagement: The Game The debate in Israel over the withdrawal from Gaza has found its way into, of all things, dueling cartoony Flash games. The first, the Wild West Bank, by proponents of withdrawal, has you removing settlers from the West Bank before they can establish settlements. The second, the "Disengagement Game" (click the square yellow button beside the picture), has you take the role of Ariel Sharon, whose political nickname is the "Bulldozer," as he uses his namesake (plus a club and a gaggle of pigs) to remove children protesting his policies. According to the creators of each, the first is supposed to be enlightening, the second purely entertaining. [Instructions inside]
posted by blahblahblah on Aug 10, 2005 - 4 comments

Them dudes are crazy

Crazy Frog - Axel F. Keeping alive the tradition of Friday Flash Fun...
posted by ehintz on May 12, 2005 - 53 comments

Super Gus!

Well I'd vote for him. Or maybe not.
posted by 13twelve on Feb 28, 2005 - 8 comments

BJ don't cry no more.

For everything else there is mastercard (NSFW, Flash)
posted by aj100 on Jan 27, 2005 - 42 comments

Ripley's IQ Game

Friday flash frustration. Along the same lines as the Hi Q game I used to play as a kid, and equally addictive. I'm not sure what speaks more about my IQ: that I can only get 3 balls left, or that I can't stop playing. Ripley's has several other games as well. There goes Friday.
posted by howling fantods on Jan 14, 2005 - 16 comments


posted by spicynuts on Dec 8, 2004 - 23 comments

The Zoom Quilt

The Zoom Quilt (uses flash)
posted by criticalbill on Nov 30, 2004 - 20 comments

When I was young I had a TO8

Flash CV.
posted by swift on Nov 13, 2004 - 13 comments

Road Blocks

Since you don't have anything else to do today, here's a Flash puzzle game called Road Blocks. (Via Fark, which contains spoilers)
posted by PrinceValium on Oct 23, 2004 - 11 comments

Hey, at least it isn't political.

The Llama Song Flash....
posted by konolia on Oct 21, 2004 - 10 comments

Liar. Liar.

Moore Bush. Because intelligent political discussion is what everybody needs.
posted by seanyboy on Sep 15, 2004 - 17 comments

Annoying Mousequito

ugh, get away
posted by alms on Aug 22, 2004 - 9 comments

This land will vote for me...

This Land is Your Land (with apologies to Woody Guthrie). Belated non-partisan Friday Flash Fun. (Saturday Sarcastic Silliness?)
posted by Turtles all the way down on Jul 17, 2004 - 3 comments

2004 Flash Forward Winners

The 2004 Flash Forward Winners have been announced. More Friday Flash Fun than you can shake an actionscript at.
posted by ChasFile on Jul 16, 2004 - 2 comments

Cocaine Country

Cocaine Country, Sights & Sounds. An 8 minute Flash movie from National Geographic's story, Cocaine Country, by Carlos Villalón, about cocaine in Colombia and what the crop means to the people. [Via TalkLeft.]
posted by homunculus on Jul 2, 2004 - 3 comments

Thinking About It Twice, This *Is* Alright

Music That Paints a Picture
Whether you're a fan of Biggie or Dylan, this Flash project has you covered.
posted by yerfatma on Jun 17, 2004 - 9 comments

like the sands of time through an hourglass...

Where did the time go? (flash, best with sound turned on).
posted by reklaw on Jun 10, 2004 - 11 comments

Why choose the lesser Evil?

The Most Important Press Conference of This (US) Election Cycle! (It's not quite Friday, but it's Flash. Really flash)
posted by bonehead on May 6, 2004 - 18 comments

Sweet Italian Flash

Naive is a beautifully-presented site featuring some cool games and cartoons. Note: Flash. Via akihi.
posted by misteraitch on Apr 14, 2004 - 7 comments


Take just about every anime/Japanese culture cliche you can think of, and make it into a Flash cartoon with occasional French subtitles. You might get something like this.
posted by XQUZYPHYR on Mar 30, 2004 - 6 comments

Shockwave.com & Awe

Drawn in the style of a pre-school children's cartoon. But from the sick & twisted minds of the guys from Southpark. Princess, A lap dog who observes the very adult world around her. The sexual content was so extreme shockwave.com halted development of the "webisodes" only after seeing the first 2 of 39 episodes that were contracted. Now you can watch these shorts & judge for yourself. Thanks to the folks at Trio. (username/password required... mefi/mefi)
posted by Dreamghost on Mar 18, 2004 - 21 comments

Get out of the Crimson room

Get out of the Crimson room. [flash]
posted by xmutex on Feb 16, 2004 - 37 comments

gadgets of the future

explore the future [note: flash]
posted by crunchland on Feb 10, 2004 - 9 comments

Mark Fiore's hilarious take on the recent Mad Cow mess. (Warning Flash

Mark Fiore's hilarious take on the recent Mad Cow mess. (Warning Flash) You can find more or Mark's work here. Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, recently chimes in on Mad Cow.
posted by skallas on Jan 6, 2004 - 31 comments


Catapult Santa. (flash, via the ultimate insult)
posted by Ufez Jones on Dec 19, 2003 - 1 comment

five minutes of shockwave friday

Snowglobe with a god complex. For maximum goodness, let it play without interaction before you get all deity-ish.
posted by tcaleb on Dec 12, 2003 - 11 comments

Powerful anti-war flash animation from the Kucinich campaign

Powerful anti-war flash animation from the Kucinich campaign. A bit heavy handed, but when dealing with life and death, literally, its best to just come out and say what one thinks.
posted by skallas on Dec 8, 2003 - 35 comments

Red, Yellow, Blue Angels

Free Flight (Flash, via Blue's News)
posted by WolfDaddy on Dec 7, 2003 - 10 comments

The Tipping Point

Are You A Balanced Individual? Can You Handle Life's Topsy-Turvy Leanings? I doubt it. (Via Bifurcated Rivets. File under "No Good Can Come Out Of This".)
posted by MiguelCardoso on Dec 3, 2003 - 6 comments

Going Back To Jive County

Attack of the Disco Furball! The cute animated character has become something of a staple for alterno-pop videos - from the runaway milk carton in Blur's Coffee and TV to the big-nosed moper in Moby's Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad. But new heights of weirdness are reached on this Flash video called Jive County which shows a be-stetsoned one-legged bundle of hair bouncing to an electro beat.
posted by skylar on Dec 2, 2003 - 0 comments

All your sperm are belong to us

All your sperm are belong to us : play the condom game.
posted by taz on Dec 1, 2003 - 8 comments

Profile my DNA, babe.

DNA profiling may be a complex issue, but whatever your take, go ahead and try your hand at genetic sleuthing with this spiffy flash interactive.
posted by moonbird on Nov 15, 2003 - 2 comments

Mystery Solved

Mystery Solved. Somewhere in the Catskill Mountains, two nature filmmakers are busy shooting a documentary on rabbits in their natural habitat. In the morning dew they are about to meet something considerably bigger than a rabbit... [Flash and safe for work]
posted by KevinSkomsvold on Nov 11, 2003 - 14 comments

But I'm fighting Hitler..!

Daredevil and Captain America Hang Out... at the Quickstop.
(Warning: Flash --and geekfare!-- follow.)
posted by Shane on Nov 10, 2003 - 7 comments

[this is good]

[this is good] [note: flash, music, visuals, etc.]
posted by crunchland on Oct 22, 2003 - 14 comments


Immortal Grand Prix [note: flash] ... a cool little turn-based strategy game based on a japanese cartoon.
posted by crunchland on Oct 6, 2003 - 13 comments

venus trap

Venus Trap [Note: Flash]
What other bizarre and fascinating stuff can you find at Entropy8Zuper?
posted by crunchland on Oct 4, 2003 - 3 comments

sydney opera house virtual tour

Inside the House : A virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House. [Note: Flash]
posted by crunchland on Oct 1, 2003 - 6 comments

Mind-morphing multimedia

Psychedelic Flash [note: flash]
posted by crunchland on Sep 24, 2003 - 8 comments

Dead cool

Slightly ominous, slightly beautiful collection of ePostcards (and photographs) of Streatham Cemetery, rendered in the subtlest use of Flash I've ever seen (gentle animations on small portions of each image. Be sure to view the cemetery in all four seasons, multiple pix of each.
posted by jonson on Sep 13, 2003 - 26 comments

Flashing Candidates

Flashing Candidates Sometimes strident, sometimes funny, straight, or a quickie, sometimes all of the above -- I guess it's better than plain wallpaper.
posted by victors on Sep 1, 2003 - 3 comments

Wacky. Face. Flash. Another. Thingy.

Another Wacky Face Generator Flash Thingy Look! It's wacky! It has Hitler, and George W. Bush! And you can make their faces wackier! Wheee.
posted by Stan Chin on Aug 31, 2003 - 5 comments

Monkey Dust

Three short flash animations from the excellent satirical comedy Monkey Dust. Check out Internet (bottom right) and find out what really happens when you connect to the net.
posted by grahamwell on Aug 29, 2003 - 8 comments


STD-ster is an online community that connects people through networks of sexual partners for tracking STD contraction. (flash)
posted by LexRockhard on Aug 1, 2003 - 4 comments

park life

Park Life is an urban hipster-themed, viral-marketing, platformer game [shockwave]
posted by crunchland on Aug 1, 2003 - 3 comments

Ooo! Gooey...

Liquid man follows your every move - found at Bloggerheads.
posted by Orange Goblin on Jul 30, 2003 - 24 comments

Friday Flash Fish Fun

Fishy is a simple, relaxing, hypnotic, zen-like, and infuriating game. Control your fish with the arrows. Eat fish smaller than you. Avoid fish larger than you. The more you eat, the more you grow.
posted by leapfrog on Jul 25, 2003 - 31 comments


samorost... an entrancingly beautiful and organic, flash-based puzzle/story. Move your cursor around the screen and figure out how to help the little guy save his home.
posted by crunchland on Jul 22, 2003 - 61 comments

The Secret Service Test

Are You Spy Enough? Put your skills to the test. [Via Bifurcated Rivets. Flash required.]
posted by Carlos Quevedo on Jun 7, 2003 - 11 comments

Dismal Scientists @ Werk

Economists is a little bit of socio-political commentary that doubles as Friday Flash. More likely to generate chuckles than comments...
posted by BentPenguin on May 23, 2003 - 3 comments

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