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Starring Catherine Deneuve

An unusual rock formation in Chattanooga appears perilously balanced; but more than thirty people can stand on its top at one time. It's called Umbrella Rock. In one of the earliest picture of Umbrella Rock is of soldiers taken in 1863. Today, of course, it looks different. [more inside]
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Release of nuns

2 powerful sets of photographs: Heads and Néosurréalisme à tendance sociale by French photographer Yves Lecoq. Also, the more whimsical Mad Bunny's secret life, (not the film) Men in Black and Voyages au bout de mon lit. [more inside]
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Mag3737 (Tom Magliery) is a prolific flickr user with over 19,444 items uploaded. He categorized his photographs into sets (right now there are about 350 of them), and into larger collections. See for example, the Squircles (squared circle), the Monochromatic squircles, the Backsides and underthings page, numbers, letters, colors, many more. Since he once heard that there were 37 holes in the mouthpiece of the old-fashion telephone, he used to collect fascinating factoids about the number 37. Numerous other detours inside, Flower genitelia, Paul Bunyan's balls, etc. His old-fashioned website is here.
posted by growabrain on May 25, 2010 - 21 comments

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