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Come! We must find the pin head!

A Mind Reader, A Pin Head, and a Fool; The Story of "Professor" Johnstone's Visit to Wind Cave [previously].
When they [the search party] arrived in that portion of the cave two members of the party were insensible. I was raving and Moore was the only man in his right mind. He had me down on the floor of the cave, my throat clutched with his hand while in the other hand he held a Colt revolver. We had had nothing to eat for five (sic) days and four nights. McDonald dies soon after that, one of the party was adjudged insane and taken to the asylum. I was almost blind and it was necessary to have an operation performed on my eyes.
posted by unliteral on Mar 10, 2013 - 8 comments

Sequel to The Fool's Errand is released

The Fool and His Money - The sequel to the 1987 puzzle game The Fool's Errand has just been released, after nearly 10 years of delay and anticipation. [more inside]
posted by LobsterMitten on Oct 28, 2012 - 30 comments

Truth’s a dog that must to kennel

It's been an Epileptic Trees theory since the 1890s: Given that in some reports (and subsequent productions) Cordelia and the fool in Shakespeare's King Lear are played by the same person, some theorists believe the Fool is either a stand-in for her, some sort of spiritual doppelganger, or literally just Cordelia pretending to be the Fool to be close to her Dad, and even to save him. [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Sep 16, 2012 - 26 comments

See answer key on back.

It's Saturday night. You're here browsing on the internet. Why not do something intellectual for a change? [more inside]
posted by flatluigi on Dec 1, 2007 - 27 comments

What Not To Do and How Not To Do It

Idiot Tries to Hire Hacker to Change his GPA
Why study when you can just hire a hacker to adjust your GPA to something more to your liking? Or not.
And now an amazing (and scary) amount of his personal information is pwned!
posted by fenriq on Dec 21, 2006 - 70 comments

Do I feel lucky?

Shuttle crew faces 1-in-100 chance of dying. "Discovery astronaut Mike Fossum described how his family is dealing with the risk: 'I have to look my wife in the eye. ... We've had those discussions. It's not one she is really comfortable with. It's not one anybody really is.' " Launch decision ignores advice of safety officer and engineer. Vaya con Dios, Discovery.
posted by paulsc on Jun 30, 2006 - 52 comments

Bad publicity > No publicity?

Drunken idiot Shawn Seamus hopes an embarrassing video circulating on the Internet will lead to his big break in show business. Hey, it worked for this guy, right? Right?
posted by Dr-Baa on Apr 25, 2006 - 19 comments


Newsfilter: Genetically engineered dragons a possibility, China buys Google just as Google Browser announced, new work by Euclid discovered. [via] [also: 1,2,3)
posted by MetaMonkey on Apr 1, 2006 - 15 comments

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