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It's A Licensed Character Christmas

For use spreading misery and pain during this holiday season, have a heaping shovelful of bad bad 80s Chrismas cartoon specials. Hail Grinch!
He-Man & She-Ra's Christmas Special (YouTube 44m)
Christmas Comes To Pac-Land (Dailymotion 23m)
The Wacky 12 Days of Christmas (YouTube 24m) (with Phil Hartman)
And the one that inspired this post, the amazing Deck the Halls with Wacky Walls (YouTube 23m) That is to say, the Wacky Wallwalker Christmas Special. Written by Mark Evanier!
After the break... TWENTY-ONE MORE OF THESE THINGS. You're welcome! [more inside]
posted by JHarris on Dec 13, 2014 - 60 comments

Marie-Thérèse will have her revenge on Milborough

Two kids. Dentist husband. New kid. Gay guy. Dead dog. Not-So-Secret wedding. Successful writer. First Nations. Another wedding. For Better. For Worse.
posted by infinitewindow on Aug 30, 2008 - 56 comments

RIP Farley the dog.

Nancy, the best comic strip ever? Close but no cigar. Pogo? Peanuts? Calvin? Good choices all, but still wrong. Krazy Kat you say? Again I shake my head sadly, friend. For Mr. Dave Astor has finally stepped forward to settle this debate once and for all. The greatest comic strip ever appearing on newsprint? Why, it's For Better or For Worse of course. Let the debate begin.
posted by ktoad on Aug 22, 2006 - 202 comments

What is a Foob?

What is a Foob? When it comes to juvenile insults, I remember dork, doofus, geek, etc. But this is a new one on me.
posted by livingsanctuary on Mar 31, 2005 - 24 comments

People are up in arms over a gay character in the comic strip "For Better Or For Worse."

People are up in arms over a gay character in the comic strip "For Better Or For Worse." It's okay to have sex and violence splashed everywhere, but people are taking offense at having a gay character in a comic strip? What the hell? (Story originally referenced in Jim Romensko's Media News.)
posted by metrocake on Sep 6, 2001 - 41 comments

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