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Max Verstappen drove his F1 car on a ski slope and didn't die. [YouTube]
We see Verstappen taking his Red Bull (of course) team race car and driving it up, down, and back up a ski slope. Somehow, the mix of studded tires, snow chains, and Verstappen's natural born talent keep the kid from flying off the mountain. (The super serious 9-minute one, seen directly above, is particularly full of beautiful, mind-boggling footage.) [The Verge]
posted by Fizz on Jan 14, 2016 - 49 comments


What F1 Cars Would Look Like if F1 Got Its Act Together
posted by Artw on Jun 20, 2015 - 84 comments


Cats love car racing. Dogs too.
posted by jaguar on Jun 30, 2014 - 7 comments

Formula One Racing documentaries, from the first days to the present

It's only one race into the 2014 Formula One season, and if you're interested in knowing more about this world of specialized racing cars, there was a roundup of documentaries on Reddit last year. While the links are all dead, it's a handy guide to films you can find online. For your viewing pleasure... [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on Mar 23, 2014 - 15 comments

Formula One comes (back) to the US

After a 5 year absence, construction delays, and rumors of cancellation, Formula 1 is back to a permanent home in Austin, Texas this weekend. [more inside]
posted by ninjew on Nov 16, 2012 - 68 comments

Formula 1/2

After a two year process, the Sauber F1 Team have successfully sliced one of their cars in half. The result allows for a detailed look inside the technical workings of a modern F1 car.
posted by kfkcam on May 30, 2012 - 56 comments

Fast and Furious

The Caravan magazine takes a long, hard look at the Formula 1 inaugural enterprise in India.
posted by vidur on Nov 27, 2011 - 33 comments

Hill races on.

Phil Hill, the only American ever to be winner of the Formula One Championship, a mulitple time winner of the 24 Hours of LeMans races in 1958, 1961 and 1962, and automotive journalist, has died at age 81.
posted by 1f2frfbf on Aug 28, 2008 - 18 comments

F1 exploded view

Have you ever wanted to see an exploded view of a Formula One car? How about live and in person? via SpoFi
posted by mr_crash_davis on Aug 2, 2006 - 20 comments

Hell Bent

"Hell Bent" - the title I've given this sculpture, is the culmination of an untold number of hours work. The sculpture depicts a modern Formula One car at speed, mid-turn, and indeed in the wet.
posted by snez on Dec 18, 2002 - 10 comments

Formula One tweaked!

Formula One tweaked! The Formula One Commission met earlier today at what was touted as the most important meeting (PDF) in the last 20 years to discuss ways to rescue Formula One. The biggest outcome was to have single qualifying laps on Fridays and Saturdays, the historic Spa circuit was dropped from the calendar due to tobacco advertising restrictions. [More inside]
posted by riffola on Oct 28, 2002 - 17 comments

Rubens Barrichello robbed.

Rubens Barrichello robbed. Formula One driver Barrichello has just let Michael Schumacher win the Austrian Grand Prix. I've been getting more and more disillusioned with F1, and this has put the cap on it. No more for me.
posted by viama on May 12, 2002 - 20 comments

Why Americans can't or won't appreciate Formula One racing.

Why Americans can't or won't appreciate Formula One racing. I visited Monte Carlo last year and a Greek friend of mine introduced me to the famous (among even the most casual of F1 fans) "hairpin" turn. "Well," he said, "here it is." "Here what is?" I wondered aloud. "My god, but you are so American." I confess, when it comes to F1, as with rugby, cricket, and the many other sports popular everywhere outside U.S. borders, I am an ignorant boob. Are we 'mericuns just a bunch of xenophobic hicks, as the article suggests (skip down about 1/3 of the way)? Or just ignorant hicks? Whatever the case, with the lack of media coverage, we are certainly missing out.
posted by Bixby23 on Oct 11, 2001 - 53 comments

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