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Hooray a new friend!

Frenchie and police horse are friends.
posted by griphus on Apr 24, 2013 - 40 comments

Do the pug bounce, yeah, do the pug bounce!

Hop, hop, hop, hop goes the little dog.
posted by griphus on Jan 8, 2013 - 28 comments

Frenchie bounced from Idol

"American Idol" Star Bounced. Evan Marriott's brief career as an underwear model wasn't a problem. And "Joe Millionaire" contestant Sarah Kozer's starring role in dozens of bondage and fetish films also was of no concern to Fox Television. But the network has bounced an "American Idol" contestant because she once posed nude for an Internet porn site. Is this setting a double standard?
posted by Macboy on Feb 12, 2003 - 56 comments

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