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Dan Bull captures what many autistics feel in lyrical form

Many autistics have trouble putting what they feel into words: Not Dan Bull. He puts it into words, sets it to music and raps it. [more inside]
posted by Canageek on May 3, 2013 - 21 comments

Video game music is teh hotness

VGMix is a site that hosts MP3s made by video game afficionados who have remixed the tunes from their favorite video games, old and new alike. Check out the releases page and try out a few songs. You can also search for songs by a particular game system, genre, specific game, etc. (Unfortunately, search seems broken for me right now, but it usually works!) The users generally provide extensive reviews that will help you sort out the great from the mediocre before downloading.
posted by knave on May 23, 2005 - 11 comments

Your favourite tunes. With a twist of lemon.

Overclocked Remix is the home of some fantastic game music remixes in a variety of styles - from relaxing piano to higher tempo hybrid affairs. Have a rummage and a listen..
posted by Mossy on Nov 8, 2003 - 7 comments

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