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This 'How Geeky Are You?' quiz illustrates how geekdom today means something completely different from what it used to. Out with unwashed hair and actually programming, in with mindless purchase of consumer goods.
posted by splitpeasoup on Apr 4, 2006 - 65 comments

A group of nearby spaceships are not all oriented exacly like each other, in an upwards position.

Things We Will Never See On Star Trek
posted by Orange Goblin on Feb 5, 2004 - 39 comments

Dancin' Ross

I didn't know geeks could dance like this. (Quicktime; via Celsius1414)
posted by timeistight on Sep 26, 2003 - 16 comments

When in the Wrong Flame of Mind...

Like a hole in the head, like an old Onion link, like an outburst of cholera, MetaFilter needs these custom-made Flames. But some of them are hilarious. And anyway, as has been posted before, we didn't start the fire. [Flash needed for this latter golden oldie. Via Linkfilter. NSFW.]
posted by Carlos Quevedo on Apr 20, 2003 - 8 comments

Geekroom contest 2002.

Geekroom contest 2002. [this is a mirror, the site was recently slashdotted] They say these are the best geekrooms; to me they seem to fall somewhere between somewhere between quintessential, and epitome-of. Does your computing take over a significant chunk of your space? A room? A nook? What do Mefites' geek lairs look like?
posted by condour75 on Nov 10, 2002 - 35 comments

Don't let the URL fool you,

Don't let the URL fool you, it's completely work safe, and yet oh so naughty. I wish more sites would do this. It would lead to mass confusion, and last I heard, that's the next big monkey-making trend.
posted by jcterminal on Feb 2, 2002 - 15 comments

It's Geek-O-Ween!

It's Geek-O-Ween! Looking for the perfect costume? This could be it! Download it now! (Stolen from FatWallet Forums.)
posted by stew560 on Oct 28, 2001 - 4 comments

A pickup bar for geeks.

A pickup bar for geeks. 60 TV cameras on the ceiling can be controlled by bar patrons from stations all over the bar, to snoop on other people. See someone you like? Send 'em an email; and maybe if you hit it off you can walk across the bar and actually talk to them.
posted by Steven Den Beste on Oct 21, 2001 - 28 comments

The Rise and Fall of the Geeks -

The Rise and Fall of the Geeks - Three years ago, they had the power to change the world, make a more than decent living and bask on highbrow success - perhaps a justified retribution after many years of world disdain and incomprehension to the geek community. It didn't last... and the article sheds some lights on the probable reasons.
posted by betobeto on Jun 25, 2001 - 34 comments

Say farewell to the geeky white guys. The new generation of Internet users looks a lot like the folks who cruise Wal-Mart-and then some. How the hell did that happen?
posted by thirteen on Mar 20, 2001 - 54 comments

In a perfect world

In a perfect world, this would be in mass production. In black. With an espresso machine. I'm surprised I haven't heard of this earlier; most good, respectable geeks that I know would most likely kill for one of these.
posted by nickd on Jan 13, 2001 - 7 comments

just another perl poet.

just another perl poet. program your refrigerator. from /usr/bin/girl
posted by lescour on Oct 25, 2000 - 3 comments

Geeks get behind Al. He maybe behind Shrub in the polls, but who cares when you have geeks on your side.
posted by jay on Oct 17, 2000 - 13 comments

We all know by now that I'm a geek. It's refreshing to find that there are more extreme geeks than me. Thanks to the internet for a cheap self-esteem boost!
posted by plinth on Apr 24, 2000 - 0 comments

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