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Macho, macho man... I've got to bGHGRHRGKKGKGK!!!...

Testosterone accelerates heart disease in men, according to a new Australian study. So is this something unavoidable, or would it help to reject Mark McGwire's favorite performance-enhancer, or avoid all anabolic steroids, or quit rooting so loud for sports teams, or stop getting into silly fights with each other?
posted by soyjoy on Sep 16, 2003 - 20 comments

Pigs aren't the only animals getting cosmetic surgery:

Pigs aren't the only animals getting cosmetic surgery: Cows in dairy shows are getting all manner of 'boob jobs' in a practice some compare to primping for the Miss America Pageant. "People really hate it when I compare cows to humans, but it's kind of the same," says one dairy farmer. Let's ignore the potential danger to human health of injecting stuff like silver directly into udders. My question is: Is there really such a wide gulf between Western culture's obsession with womens' breasts and and our refusal to wean ourselves, unlike the rest of the world, from milk?
posted by soyjoy on Oct 10, 2002 - 76 comments

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