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4/5 - "I'm loosening up my arm tonight. I don't want to bounce it in." 4/6 - Bush's first pitch a major league bust. Gee, I hope now we don't have to go to war to regain our mojo.
posted by quirked on Apr 7, 2001 - 8 comments

Christian States of America according to President Dubya. Government should not fund international family-planning groups, but should fund faith-based programs. Someone please pinch me so I can wake up and discover this is just a bad dream.
posted by quirked on Jan 29, 2001 - 69 comments

Last week, Bush was up by 16 points. Today, Gore is up by 3. Who are all of these “swing” voters that can't make up their minds in the face of clear differences between the candidates?
posted by quirked on Aug 18, 2000 - 19 comments

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