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It used to mean a bundle of Mongolians

Is it ever OK to use words like 'mong' or 'spaz'*? Ricky Gervais has inspired controversy by use of the word many feel is a slur against disabled people, prompting reactions from his peers and bloggers. He argues that words change their meaning over time. [more inside]
posted by mippy on Oct 20, 2011 - 276 comments

Why I'm a Good Christian by Ricky Gervais

On the cusp of Holy Week, Ricky Gervais enlightens with an essay outlining why he is a good Christian. [more inside]
posted by hugandpint on Apr 15, 2011 - 69 comments

The Gervais Principle

The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office”. Warning: link may evoke baleful despair!
posted by East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 on Oct 16, 2009 - 57 comments

"A French chef in Marseilles taught me this."

Chef Gordon Ramsay cooks up a cup of tea, drinks Spunk with Ricky Gervais, and teaches Jonathan Ross to cook a lobster properly (language NSFW).
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Oct 22, 2007 - 69 comments

Tony Blair can act

Tony Blair did a sketch for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day. (But Ricky Gervais visiting Kenya is better).
posted by hoverboards don't work on water on Mar 18, 2007 - 55 comments

David Brent goes to Microsoft

Fans of the BBC version of The Office take note: in 2006, Microsoft hired Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant to make a pair of faux training videos for the UK Microsoft headquarters, with Gervais reprising his David Brent role. Both videos are now up on iFilm, and are pretty damn funny (if you're amused by the Brent schtick, which I am).
posted by lilbrudder on Aug 12, 2006 - 15 comments

Step 3: Profit!

Looks like Ricky Gervais (and Steve Merchant and Karl 'I could eat a knob at night' Pilkington) are looking to commercialise on the success of their first series of podcasts. The second series is going to be a pay-for affair via Audible.com. The asking rate is $6.95 for 'at least four' episodes.
posted by pivotal on Feb 19, 2006 - 42 comments

Hey Ricky you're so fine...

The first episode of a new podcast by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (of Extras and The Office fame). If you need a bigger fix, try the archive of their radio shows from the last few years.
posted by greycap on Dec 5, 2005 - 30 comments

If you don't know Ricky by now...

The Only Website Dedicated to Seona Dancing, the 80's New Romantic pop duo featuring Ricky Gervais. With sounds and pictures.
posted by mr.marx on Apr 8, 2005 - 19 comments

Do doo be-do-do

The Office as training video? "The staff had just returned from lunch and all the managers were in a training room, sitting in a semi-circle and looking really pleased with themselves. Then one of them blurted out 'Mahna Mahna' at us without warning. We just stared blankly back at them."
posted by rory on Aug 12, 2004 - 24 comments

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