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"A kind of literature to end literature..."

Huib van Opstal at Yesterday's Papers on illustrator-writer George du Maurier's work for Punch and the earliest international origins of comic books and strips.
posted by Lorin on Feb 2, 2013 - 2 comments

Mary K. Greer Reads The Story In A Picture

Introducing the blog of Tarot author Mary K. Greer. This week she posted a gentle takedown of Whoopi's psychic reading on The View. She recently initiated a discussion about the potentially exploitative practices of modern gypsy fortunetellers, based on a report by Al Jazeera. She's also begun posting examples of cartomancy in art and literature, including a wonderful interpretation of this unforgettable Gustave Doré painting (see the comments).
posted by hermitosis on Aug 24, 2009 - 61 comments

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