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Game of Cards

Game of Cards
posted by univac on Mar 4, 2015 - 9 comments

It's like the sun is going down on DC

Hrishikesh Hirway hosts and produces Song Exploder, a podcast on the Maximum Fun network. This week's episode featured Jeff Beal, composer for Rome and Blackfish, explaining the process behind the development of the theme songs (and title sequences) for both seasons of Netflix's House of Cards. [more inside]
posted by sparklemotion on Apr 3, 2014 - 9 comments

"There’s always an inherent danger when comparing two television shows."

Why Scandal beats House Of Cards at its own game
Why ‘Scandal’ can’t hold a candle to ‘House of Cards’
Barack Obama Says Life in D.C. is “More Boring” Than Scandal and House of Cards Depict [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns on Mar 30, 2014 - 60 comments

House of Cards OG

Conservative british politicians audition for roles in the next series of House Of Cards - the results are... disturbing (SLYT)
posted by Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory on Feb 25, 2014 - 22 comments

House of Cards spoilers within

Want to talk about House of Cards online without spoiling other, slower viewers? Slate offers a few a reasonable guidelines.
posted by donajo on Feb 19, 2014 - 40 comments

‏@BarackObama Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please

On Valentine's Day, Netflix released the second season of House of Cards. 16 percent of Netflix users on one particular Internet service watched at least one episode of the show over the weekend, and shares of Netflix hit an all-time high of $439.49 on Thursday. But when, exactly, Does Watching a Lot of Netflix Become a 'Binge'?
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Feb 18, 2014 - 112 comments

"You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment."

The recent Netflix House of Cards series starring Kevin Spacey was a remake of a very popular British political thriller of the same name that aired during the 90's. The show begins by tracking the dark political machinations and skullduggery of an urbane Chief Whip of the Conservative Party, who is conspiring to become Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher's resignation. [more inside]
posted by zarq on Jun 11, 2013 - 91 comments

If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a ...

House of Cards is a new original "TV" series that is not destined for any TV distribution channel. Instead, it was developed by, and is only available through, Netflix. Netflix posted the entire first "season," 13 1-hour episodes, on Friday. (Is this the new thing?) Some of us, cough, watched the whole thing. [more inside]
posted by grobstein on Feb 3, 2013 - 106 comments

Ian Richardson Dies

On Friday, Ian Richardson died in his sleep. He was probably best known in the UK for the BBC "House of Cards" trilogy starring as the scheming politician Francis Urquhart with his now infamous "You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment." Busy until his death, he recently featured in the TV series "Midsomer Murders" and played Death in the Sky One adaptation of Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather". Sadly, to many he was just the guy who asked for Grey Poupon mustard.
posted by twine42 on Feb 11, 2007 - 30 comments

Do not sneeze!

A house of cards. Trapped by the blizzard, our elaborate system of creature comforts seems like nothing more than a house of cards that Mother Nature so easily knocks down. Bryan Berg knows how to make a real house of cards.
posted by caddis on Jan 22, 2005 - 10 comments

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