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Revolutionary Minds

Revolutionary Minds. "A selection of icons and iconoclasts whose radical ideas are inspiring a vivid dialogue that is deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Meet the 2004 Third Culture." [Via WorldChanging.]
posted by homunculus on Oct 30, 2004 - 2 comments

Remember how a few days ago we talked about this whole worsticons thing here? well. it didn't last too long. too bad, i thought it was an interesting sub-cultural experiment. that and it was funny.
posted by jcterminal on Mar 29, 2002 - 3 comments

ZeldmanIcons = Zicons = New trend?

ZeldmanIcons = Zicons = New trend?
First there was 'open links in new window', then favicons, thereafter, links to individual posts and now is the new trend Zicons (from weblogs.com)?!
Another Winer plan is launched.
posted by williamtry on Apr 11, 2000 - 14 comments

PIXELTIME is neat, albeit hard to understand quickly. Basically, it's a gallery of icon art, i.e. art made from those very small images of Windows fame. There are some neat things up here.
posted by tdecius on Oct 19, 1999 - 0 comments

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