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‘Everyone has a jet’ : Scenes from the new New Delhi

"‘You have to have at least, like, a BMW or a Mercedes to join. They meet at midnight and they race their cars. The Prime Minister’s office is always calling us to complain.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because the Prime Minister can’t sleep. These engines make so much noise they keep him awake...." (via Ultrabrown)
posted by sk381 on Jul 24, 2009 - 24 comments

Must be funny...

Even if you're one of the richest persons on the planet, there ought to be a limit to your ostentatiousness.
posted by sk381 on May 3, 2008 - 132 comments

Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'Bouncing Baby'

The real secret to producing superheroes (bollywood or otherwise) is to start them young, really YOUNG. (Link to single video)
posted by sk381 on Apr 27, 2008 - 48 comments

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